Biomedical Engineering Application

The Biomedical Engineering program is a highly selective program. It will accept only the top 50 applicants into the program each year

Transfer Student Application

4-Year Curriculum Plan                                 Flow Chart                             

                                        We are now accepting applications for Fall 2019

Steps to apply to the program:

Apply to USF, Applicants must first be accepted and admitted by USF before applying to the program.
• Apply to the major as a high school senior
• Meet the following high school GPA (HSGPA) and SAT Math or ACT Math scores:

-  USF Admission’s weighted high school grade point average ≥ 4.00  

-  ACT Math ≥ 30 and or a SAT Math ≥ 710


*First Name: * Required  

*Last Name: * Required 

*USF Student ID Number: * Required 

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USF Email:

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Upload Essay File:

Please submit a typed essay, including your name on the document, approximately one page in length, one-inch margins, 12 pt font (Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial), double-spaced, addressing the following questions:

1)      Please expand on the extracurricular activities you took part in during high school and how these activities have helped prepare you for college.

2)      If your high school GPA and/or SAT/ACT test scores fall short of the guidelines above, please explain why your application should be considered and be sure to discuss any extenuating circumstances that may have impacted your academics.

Questions may be sent to