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Laptop Requirement

All students entering the College of Engineering are required to have a laptop computer that they can use in their Engineering classes and labs. The laptop computer must be capable of connecting to the Internet via wireless and accessing software applications through a central server. Go to the USF Application Portal to view the list of software applications.

It is recommended that students purchase a laptop with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and the current Windows or Mac operating system. Students who already have a laptop with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and at least Windows 7 or Mac operating system 10.4 or better do not need to purchase a new laptop.

The USF Computer Store offers laptop “bundles” for students. Laptop bundles include a laptop with hardware upgrades, pre-installed software, and extended warranty. Purchasing a qualified laptop bundle also enrolls students in the Bulls Select Service Program, which includes the following benefits free of charge: “Head of the Line” service, free diagnostics, and a free loaner laptop if the laptop can't be fixed within two business days, for full details and restrictions please contact the USF Computer Store. You can find recommended laptop bundles at USF Computer Store. You can call Deron deFreese at 813-974-6530 or Mirela Dautovic at 813-974-4088 for questions related to laptop bundles.