Frag HMM Matlab Source Code and Dataset




Frag HMM is a type of HMM taking the observation as the grouping result of a low level over segmentation output. The link above contains the matlab source code of fraghmm and example datasets. The code is based on the HMM source from Prof. Kevin Murphy. His Original Source code can be found here. The dataset is the generated groups from the Two Handed Datasets.

The fraghmm has the ability to take all the noisy segmentation considered. For example, in the experiment of the Two Handed Datase. Although we have hundreds of noisy groups generated, we can still achieve above 90% recognition rate. This experiment can be reproduced using the above source code.

For example, to test the fraghmm with a sum-sum approach, please run:  testaslhmmall2view('testdata\back\view1','testdata\back\view2','view1.mat','view2.mat','1','1');

To test with a max-max approach, please run:  testaslhmmall2view('testdata\back\view1','testdata\back\view2','view1.mat','view2.mat','3','1');

For more details about fraghmm. Please check out the following paper:

R.D. Yang. and S. Sarkar, "Gesture Recognition using HMM from fragmented observation ", IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2006.