Updates for Volume: cancer_01

This web page contains notes for cases and details on any updates made to cases in volume cancer_01. It will continually be under construction.

Date: 1/29/98 Case#: case3084 Volume: cancer_01
Change: Please note there is a pacemaker in the left MLO image.
Thumbnail Page: case3084/B-3084-1.html

Date: 2/13/98 Case#: case3027 Volume: cancer_01
Change: Please note that the marking of the smaller sized area in both LEFT_MLO and LEFT_CC views should be the calcifications. Note: On 2/25/98 this problem was fixed (see below).
Thumbnail Page: case3027/B-3027-1.html

Date: 2/25/98 Case#: case3027 Volume: cancer_01
Change: All of the marking for this case have been corrected in the overlay file.
Thumbnail Page: case3027/B-3027-1.html

Date: 5/12/98 Case#: case3082 Volume: cancer_01
Change: Additional darkening of the background was performed.
Thumbnail Page: case3082/B-3082-1.html

Date: 5/26/98 Case#: case3026 Volume: cancer_01
Change: ILL-DEFINED was changed to ILL_DEFINED in both the RIGHT_CC and RIGHT_MLO overlay files.
Thumbnail Page: case3026/B-3026-1.html

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