Updates for Volume: cancer_15

This web page contains notes for cases and details on any updates made to cases in volume cancer_15. It will continually be under construction.

Date: 12/13/99 Case#: case3497 Volume: cancer_15
Note: Implants are in both breasts.
Thumbnail Page: case3497/B-3497-1.html.
Date: 12/13/99 Case#: case3500 Volume: cancer_15
Note: There are unmarked UNPROVEN calcifications bilaterally.
Thumbnail Page: case3500/B-3500-1.html.
Date: 12/13/99 Case#: case3512 Volume: cancer_15
Note: There are two large unmarked cysts in the left breast.
Thumbnail Page: case3512/B-3512-1.html.
Date: 12/13/99 Case#: case3513 Volume: cancer_15
Note: There is an unmarked biopsy scar in the LCC image.
Thumbnail Page: case3513/B-3513-1.html.

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