Digital Database for Screening Mammography

Overview of Volume: normal_02

This table contains links to overview pages for the cases in this volume. Each overview page contains the "thumbnails" of the images associated with the case, along with a listing of the additional descriptors in the ICS file. The "thumbnail" images are meant for visual browsing of the cases only, and are not suitable for any form of experimental work. The thumbnail images were blurred, subsampled, sharpened and converted to eight bits per pixel. Thus, they contain artifacts introduced by this processing (i.e., aliasing, ringing, re-quantization, clipping etc.). Any experimental work should start with the full raw images for the case. The additional descriptors include the date of the study, the patient age at the time of the study, a breast density rating given in the BI-RADS 1 to 4 rating, and information on the size (lines and pixels/line) of each "raw" image.

The "normal" cases in DDSM are meant to be screening exams which were read as normal at the time that they were performed, and for which a 4-year-later followup is available and was also read as normal.

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case0200 case0201 case0202 case0203 case0204 case0205 case0206 case0207
case0208 case0209 case0210 case0211 case0212 case0214 case0215 case0216
case0217 case0218 case0219 case0220 case0221 case0222 case0223 case0224
case0225 case0226 case0227 case0229 case0230 case0232 case0233 case0234
case0235 case0236 case0237 case0238 case0239 case0240 case0241 case0242
case0243 case0244 case0245 case0246 case0247 case0249 case0250 case0251
case0252 case0253 case0254 case0255 case0256 case0257 case0258 case0259
case0260 case0261 case0262 case0263 case0264 case0265 case0266 case0267
case0268 case0269 case0270 case0271 case0272 case0273 case0274 case0275
case0276 case0277 case0278 case0279 case0280 case0282 case0283 case0284
case0285 case0286 case0287 case0290 case0292 case0293 case0294 case0295
case0296 case0297 case0298 case0299 case0302 case0303 case0304 case0305
case0306 case0307 case0309 case0310 case0311 case0312 case0313 case0314
case0315 case0317 case0318 case0319 case0320 case0321 case0322 case0323
case0325 case0326 case0327 case0328 case0329