Sudent Advisory Committee

  • Mason Chilmonczyk

    Mechanical Engineering | Junior

  • Christine Dumas

    Mechanical Engineering | Senior

  • Natalie Edinger

    Computer Science and Engineering | Senior

  • TJ (Anthony) Ross

    Electrical Engineering | Junior

  • Kyle Stottlemyer

    Mechanical Engineering | Senior

  • Robert Werner

    Chemical and Biomedical Engineering | Junior

  • Martin Bucheli

    Industrial and Management Systems Engineering | Senior

We would like to thank the following students from the Fall 2013 Engineering Leadership class:

  • Travis Baker (Electrical Engineering)
  • Adam Campanella (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Nathaly Ciprian (Civil Engineering)
  • Martin Copello Leon (Electrical Engineering)
  • Christine Dumas (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Natalie Edinger (Computer Science)
  • Bo Peng (Chemical Engineering)
  • Allie Pilcher (Mechanical Engineering)