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  • Endorsed by the National Academy of Engineering since 2009, the Grand Challenge Scholars Program is a combined curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular program with five competencies that are designed to prepare the next generation of students for addressing the grand challenges facing society in the 21st century. At USF, we are aiming to move beyond the traditional way of learning and prepare students to solve these challenges by shifting our focus to a more practical, hands-on education incorporating a global perspective, entrepreneurship, and innovation into our program. Through this new approach, students will acquire greater knowledge and confidence that will widely reflect in their work; they will have knowledge to apply their skills to real life problems and gain leverage entering an increasingly competitive workforce.

    The program is led by College of Engineering Dean Robert H. Bishop, PhD, and Associate Dean and GCSP Director Sanjukta Bhanja, PhD.

    GCSP Competencies

    1. Research/creative: Mentored research or project experience related to a Grand Challenge to enhance technical competence and creativity.
    2. Multidisciplinary: Understanding gained through experience of the multidisciplinary character of implementable and viable Grand Challenge solutions
    3. Business/entrepreneurship: Understanding gained through experience that viable business models are necessary for successful implementation of Grand Challenge solutions
    4. Multicultural: Understanding gained through experience that serious consideration of cultural issues is mandatory for all viable Grand Challenge solutions
    5. Social consciousness: Deepen social consciousness and motivation to address societal problems, often gained through service learning, because serving people is the vision served by the Grand Challenges

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