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  • Scholars will be directed to workshops and boot camps through USF I-Corps site. They also can intern for an enterprise or start-up company for the length of one semester. Alternatively, students could opt for a course on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship or, for deeper involvement, get the Minor in Entrepreneurship.

    Required level

    Choose one course from the following:

    ENT 3003 Principles of Business
    ENT 3613 Creativity & Innovation in Entrepreneurship
    ENT 3613 Creativity and Technology
    ENT 4014 Venture Formation
    ENT 4024 Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship
    ENT 4424 Venture Capital
    EIN 4933 Selected Topics: Creativity in Technology
    EIN 4933 Selected Topic: New Product Development
    MAN 4802 Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management
    MAN 4804 Small Business Management Counseling

    Tentative choice: USF NSF I-Corps Site

    USF NSF I-Corps Site awardees will complete a 6-week workshop course. At the end of the workshop, they will have a stronger understanding of the market opportunity, product and market validation, the path to market for their technology, and the overall competitive landscape. Participation in the I-Corps program could lead to potential outcomes ranging from significant industry contacts, ongoing research, opportunities for commercialization funding to form a company. To learn more visit: http://innovation.usf.edu/icorps/

    Recommended level

    Semester-long involvement with an enterprise or a startup company and/or

    Minor in Entrepreneurship for non-business majors:

    Minor in Entrepreneurship for Industrial Engineering majors:

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