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  • The University has a strong study abroad program. We have a wide range of overseas academic programs offered at USF through the Education Abroad office, and international students can access the Office of International Services, Office of International Admissions, and INTO USF, as well as other wonderful opportunities, such as the Fulbright program and the Peace Corps. Moreover, we have multiple global partner universities, where students could potentially participate in an exchange program to get a transformative perspective in another culture. Students can also engage with the Global Citizens Project, which encompasses a wide range of issues on a global level including social justice, gender equity, environmental sustainability, economic equality, and equal opportunity for quality education and healthcare. As another option, GC scholars could take a course on human and cultural diversity (global and domestic) to increase cultural competency and promote inclusion.

    Required level

    EGN 3615 if it is required by the major or any one from the following:

    AFA 2000, ANT 2410, ARH 2051, ASL 3514, BUL 3320, EDF 2085, EGS 3720, EVT 4651, GEA 2000, GEO 2400, GEO 4372, GEY 3625, HSC 2130, HUM 2250, IDH 4200, ISM 4041, LAE 4414, LIN 2002, MHS 3063, REL 2300, THE 4574, WST 3015

    Recommended level

    Study abroad, exchange programs, and Fulbright Scholarship program. To learn more about these opportunities talk to your mentor.

    Global Citizens Project: The Global Citizens Project is a university-wide initiative aimed at enhancing undergraduate students' global competencies through the development of new and improved curricular and co-curricular experiences. USF envisions itself as a global research university dedicated to student success. Goal #1 of our 2013-2018 Strategic Plan is to prepare "well-educated and highly skilled global citizens through our continuing commitment to student success." The Global Citizens Project is one of the ways in which USF is advancing this goal. To learn more visit: http://www.usf.edu/gcp

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