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  • This area will be strongly connected to research in a way where the GCSP cohort will conduct research in an interdisciplinary framework in at least one or more disciplines. Additionally, courses will be required in three or more disciplines outside of engineering. After the selected Grand Challenge is approved, the student’s mentor will provide a list of interdisciplinary courses that are related to the Grand Challenge area of their choice. For each broad Grand Challenge theme: sustainability, health, security, and joy of living, a pre-determined set of courses will be created and updated annually consulting with members of the Steering Committee. The student would then pick three courses out of those recommendations with the mentor’s approval. As an alternative, students could suggest a course, but the Director’s approval will be required.

    Required level

    Interdisciplinary research involving another discipline and three courses from another discipline.

    Pick one from each category:

    1. PHY 2048 or PHY 2020
    2. MAC 2281 or MAC 1147
    3. ANT 2000, AMH 2020, ECO 2013, POS 2041, PSY 2012, or SYG 2000

    Recommended level

    Interdisciplinary research involving more than one discipline and/or more than three electives from another discipline (see course selection above).


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