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  • In order to fulfill the requirements, students will be able to choose from two levels, required or recommended, for each component. In most areas, there are multiple options for selection. Students will be required to pursue at least one area on the recommended level. Completing three or more components as recommended will earn special recognition at graduation.

    Five Pillars of Scholarship



    Interdisciplinary Studies


    Global Dimension

    Social Awareness


    IDS 4914
    (2 semesters)

    Interdisciplinary research and 3 courses from another discipline

    Course on innovation/
    entrepreneurship or
    USF NSF I-Corps Site

    EGN 3615
    Course on human & cultural diversity


    EGN 3000L
    Course from HIP Personal & Social Responsibility


    IDS 4914
    (3 or more semesters)

    Interdisciplinary research in more than one discipline
    more than 3 electives from another discipline

    Internship with a company
    Minor in Entrepreneurship

    Study abroad/exchange programs/Fulbright Scholarship program
    Global Citizens Project

    Required level  and LEAD Week or
    leadership experience
    Mini Grants Project

    Additional requirements:

    Member Club: Attendance of at least six meetings per semester will be required. Meetings will be held bi-weekly and attendance will be documented in the portfolio.

    Annual Symposium: Students will need to attend at least one symposium per academic year. By the end of the program, each student will have three symposiums in their portfolio.

    GCSP Seminars: There will be five-six seminars per academic year. Sophomores will be required to attend all of them, while juniors and seniors will have to attend two each year.

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