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  • The Grand Challenges Scholars Program is a three year program beginning in sophomore ending in senior year. There is no specific timeline for the program; each scholar has their own grand challenge curriculum designed by them with the help of their mentor. One of the unique aspects of the program is that instead of a pre-determined set of courses it is individually tailored to each student, which allows them to design their grand challenge experience the way it is most suitable for them. They can finish the pillars early, but they will have to stay with the Member Club the entire time since it is modeled as a community of practice based on social learning scenario. Starting as mentees, scholars will become mentors of new coming students by their junior/senior year providing guidance and collaboration to their fellow members and gaining additional leadership experience.

    Each scholar, whether they finished their pillars or not, will be required to attend a certain number of seminars, annual symposiums, and Member Club activities that have to be documented in their portfolio. Students will submit their complete portfolio at the end of senior year, when they will be certified as a Grand Challenge Scholar by the University of South Florida and the National Academy of Engineering.

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