Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing


Call for Papers:

Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, and Adaptive Wireless Systems


Today’s wireless services have come a long way since the roll out of the conventional voice-centric cellular systems.  The demand for wireless access in voice and high rate data multi-media applications has been increasing. New generation wireless communication systems are aimed at accommodating this demand through better resource management and improved transmission technologies. The interest in increasing Spectrum Access and improving Spectrum Efficiency combined with both the introduction of Software Defined Radios and the realization that machine learning can be applied to radios has created new intriguing possibilities for wireless radio researchers.  This special issue is aimed to discuss the cognitive radio, software defined radio, and adaptive radio concepts from several aspects. The scope will include application of SDR in advanced communication systems, challenges and issues for application of SDR, adaptive wireless communication systems, parameter estimation for adaptation of wireless communication systems (learning  environment an other factors), SDR and cognitive radio architecture, spectrum efficiency and soft spectrum.


The goal of this special issue is to assemble both original research papers and review articles that address these questions, and enhance the state-of-the-art Cognitive Radio systems. Papers on practical as well as on theoretical topics and problems are invited.


Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

·   Spectrum Issues

o  Current spectral usage and issues

o  Regulations, regulation changes

·   XG

o  Spectral awareness

o  Spectrum adaptation, Dynamic freq. selection

o  Spectrum Sharing (secondary users in licensed spectrum), priority allocation

o  Adaptive bandwidth control

·   Policies

·   Adaptation and optimization

·   SDR

o  Hardware limitations, A/D, filters, antennas, AGC

o  Processing, programmability vs power efficiency

o  Digital signal processing role in SDR

o  FPGA/DSP and mixed programming platforms


·  Role of Geolocation in Cognitive and adaptive radio

·  Cross-layer optimization (adaptation), and cross layer issues

·  Role of UWB and OFDM in Cognitive radio

·  Coexistence of UWB and traditional narrowband systems

·  Interference Issues in Cognitive radio and interference measurements

·  Role of MIMO in Cognitive radio

·  Interoperability and coexistence issues

·  Applications of Cognitive radio

·  Sensing (internal and external) and awareness

·  Spectral awareness

o  Power efficiency, energy/battery awareness

o  Device capability awareness, RF Awareness

o  Interference/noise temperature

o  Channel (medium, radio channel)




Guest Editors


Hüseyin Arslan

University of South Florida


Joseph Mitola III

Mitre Corporation




Manuscript submission deadline:                     May 1, 2006

Notification of acceptance:                                September 1, 2006

Final manuscript due:                                          October 1, 2006

Publication of special issue:                               First half of 2007


Submission Procedure:

Papers may be submitted electronically (Postscript or PDF files only) to Prof. Hüseyin Arslan (arslan@eng.usf.edu). Authors are also requested to submit a separate cover letter via email, which contains the paper title, the authors’ names and affiliations, and a 200 word abstract.