Quiz on General Topics

Decide the answer to each question below then click on answer to check whether you made the correct response.   There may be more than one correct response to some of the multiple choice questions.


Multiple Choice


1.    For a pure subcooled liquid

A.    the pressure will be lower than the vapor pressure at the same temperature.
B.    the quality will be zero.
C.    the temperature will be lower than the boiling temperature at the same pressure.

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2.    In the superheated vapor region of a pure substance

A.    quality is greater than 1.0
B.    the temperature is lower than the boiling temperature at the same pressure.
C.    the pressure is lower than the vapor pressure at the same temperature.

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3.    Specific properties

A.    apply at a point.
B.    include temperature and pressure.
C.    are intensive properties.

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4.    Quality

A.    is defined by ML/(ML + MV)
B.    is defined by v = xvf + (1-x)vg
C.    is 1 for a superheated vapor.
D.    is the fraction of mass that is vapor.
E.    is only defined in the two phase region.

answer to #4



5.    The vapor pressure of a pure substance

A.    depends on the relative amounts of liquid and vapor present.
B.    is defined between the triple point and critical point.
C.    is the pressure exerted by a pure substance in the two phase (liquid-vapor)

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6.    Which of the following is an extensive property?

A.    Temperature
B.    Pressure
C.    Volume
D.    Density
E.    None of the above

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7.    The critical point of a pure substance:

A.    represents the highest temperature and pressure for which liquid and vapor can coexist.
B.    is the point at which the saturated liquid and saturated vapor curves meet.
C.    is where vapor pressure has its largest possible value.

answer to #7


True or False


8.   The normal boiling temperature of water is lower in Tibet than in Manhattan.

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9.   In the piston-cylinder experiment, volume increased in thetwo phase region as heat was added at constant pressure because gases and liquids both expand as they are heated.

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10.   At a given pressure, the melting temperature and the boiling temperature can not be equal.

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This concludes the tutorial for phase diagrams of pure substances.  Please feel free to direct any comments, criticism or suggestions to me via email from my home page.  Good luck in your continued study of thermodynamics.


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