Jeffrey A. Cunningham
Associate Professor

University of South Florida

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) Division

4202 E. Fowler Ave., ENB 118

Tampa, FL  33620


Office:     ENC (Engineering Bldg III), room 3215

Phone:     813-974-9540

Fax:        813-974-2957






Former Advisees and Graduate Students

Akers, Brad.  M.S., University of South Florida, 2014. 
Thesis title: Lead (Pb) contamination of water drawn from pitcher pumps in eastern Madagascar.
Current status (Aug 2014): Environmental Engineer in the Air, Pesticides, & Toxics Management Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4.
E-mail (Aug 2014):  Office telephone number: (+1) 404-562-9089

Allen, Whitney (co-advised by Prof A Ashmawy).  M.S., University of South Florida, 2005. 
Whitney’s name is now Whitney A Stevens.
Thesis title: Relationship between plasticity ratio and hydraulic conductivity for bentonite clay during exposure to synthetic landfill leachate.
Current status (Jan 2015): Whitney earned her P.E. license and is now managing the Tampa office of the engineering firm Ardaman & Associates, for whom she has worked since graduating from USF.

Anwar, Shadab (co-advised by Prof M Stewart and Prof M Trotz).  Post-doctoral research associate, 2009-2011.
Current status (Nov 2013): Assistant Professor in the program in Geological Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST).
E-mail (Nov 2013):

Cone, Margaret.  M.S., University of South Florida, 2013. 
Thesis title: Effects of solvent composition and hydrogen pressure on the catalytic conversion of 1,2,4,5-tetrachlorobenzene to cyclohexane.
Current status (Nov 2013): Environmental Specialist for Cardinal Engineering in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
E-mail address is available upon request.

Fadel, Ziad.  M.S., Texas A&M University, 2005. 
Thesis title: Stochastic modeling of transport and degradation of reactive solutes in heterogeneous aquifers.
Current status (Nov 2013): Employed by Serhal Engineering (construction contracting firm), Hamra, Lebanon. 

Goldman, Josh (co-advised by Prof L Donald Duke).  M.S., University of South Florida, 2007. 
Thesis title: Relationship between biofilm removal and membrane performance using Dunedin reverse osmosis water treatment plant as a case study.
After graduating from USF, Josh completed his PhD at the University of New Mexico under the guidance of Prof Kerry Howe.
Current status (Nov 2013): Process Engineer for CDM Smith in Denver, Colorado.

Kim, Won-Seok.  Ph.D., University of South Florida,  2011. 
Dissertation title: Biodegradation of bisphenol-A and 17β-estradiol in soil mesocosms under alternating aerobic/anoxic/anaerobic conditions.
Current status (April 2014): Post-doctoral researcher at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in Korea.  Won-Seok is investigating the fate, transport, and remediation of nuclear materials in the environment for the Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering (DANE) at POSTECH.  His mentor at POSTECH is Dr Wooyong Um.
Current e-mail address (Nov 2013):

Lin, Alex (co-advised by Prof S Ergas).  M.S., University of South Florida, 2012. 
Thesis title: Precipitation of phosphate minerals from effluent of anaerobically digested swine manure.
Current status (Nov 2013): Employed with Osprey Biotechnics in Sarasota, Florida.  Alex’s duties include technical upkeep of bioreactors, process improvement, and coordination between R&D lab, QC lab, and fermentation department.
Current e-mail address (Nov 2013):

Mendoza, Itza.  Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2007. 
Dissertation title: Effects of pore-scale velocity and pore-scale physical processes on contaminant biodegradation during transport in groundwater: Modeling and experiments.
After graduating from TAMU, Itza held a post-doctoral position at Michigan State University, and then a research faculty appointment at Tufts University.
Current status (Nov 2013): Associate Professor at Instituto Politécnico Nacional, México, and Level C in the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores of CONACyT.

Okwen, Roland.  Ph.D., University of South Florida, 2009. 
Dissertation title: Enhanced CO2 storage in confined geologic formations.
Current status (Nov 2013): Reservoir Engineer for the Illinois State Geological Survey in Champaign, Illinois.

Osborn, Claire.  M.S., University of South Florida, 2011. 
Thesis title: Catalytic hydrodehalogenation and hydrogenation of halogenated aromatic organic contaminants for application to soil remediation.
Current status (Nov 2013): Senior Staff Environmental Engineer at Geosyntec Consultants in Tampa, Florida.

Panczer, Bobby.  M.S., University of South Florida, 2014 
Thesis title: Soil remediation using solvent extraction with hydrodehalogenation and hydrogenation in a semicontinuous system.
Current status (Apr 2014): Environmental Engineer with AKRF, Inc., in New York, NY.
E-mail:  Office telephone number: (+1) 646-388-9566.

Shapiro, Deanna.  B.S. (Honors thesis), University of South Florida, 2011.
Thesis title: Removal of phosphate from wastewater during vertical, down-flow, sand filtration.
Current status (Jan 2015): Working as an environmental engineer for Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH).  De is now based in the Akron, Ohio, office, after having worked in the Tampa and Cleveland offices previously.

Thomas, Mark.  M.S., University of South Florida, 2010. 
Thesis title: Geochemical modeling of CO2 sequestration in dolomitic limestone aquifers.

Ticknor, Jonathan.  M.S., University of South Florida, 2012. 
Thesis title: Analysis and remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in environmental media.
Current status (Nov 2013): PhD candidate at Duke University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, studying mercury speciation and bioaccumulation in the research group of Prof Heileen Hsu-Kim. 

Wee, HunYoung.  Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2007. 
Dissertation title: Remedial extraction and catalytic hydrodehalogenation for treatment of soils contaminated by halogenated hydrophobic organic compounds.
Current status (Nov 2013): Business Development Manager for Doosan Hydro Technology in Tampa, Florida.

Wolf, Hillary.  B.A. (Honors thesis), University of South Florida, 2010.
Thesis topic: Keeping unused pharmaceuticals out of the environment.
After completing her BA, Hillary went on to complete a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from USF, which she completed in 2012.
Current status (May 2015): Environmental Specialist II in the Office of Environmental Health, Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County (also called the Sarasota County Health Department).