Welcome to my personal web page.  I don’t update this page very often, but every now and then I get the chance and the motivation to do so.

First, here is a link back to my professional home page.  (Or, if that’s where you just came from, then merely press “back” on your browser.)


Wow, it has been years – literally years! – since I updated this page.  I can barely believe it.  This fall (Aug 2017), my younger daughter Coral started high school, so the two girls are now in school together.  Here is a photo of the two of them getting ready to drive to school together on the first day of the school year.  Coral is on the left, Aspen is on the right.


November 2013: My family is in Australia this year while my wife and I are on sabbatical from USF.  I’m not sure if I’ll post photos from our time in Australia…maybe just a couple here and there.



April 2013: Here’s a photo of the girls last December during Chanukah at our house.  In our house it is perfectly acceptable to wear a Santa hat while lighting Chanukah candles!




11 July 2012: Wow, it seems that it has been around 2 or 3 years since I posted recent photos of my family here.  Time flies!  But here are a couple recent photos of my girls.  On the left is Coral (in foreground) with her friend Ana.  We were watching a July 4 parade at the home of Ana’s family.  On the right is Aspen (wearing Greco shirt) with her friend Delaney.  The two girls had just finished playing a middle-school soccer game against each other.  They are teammates on a club soccer team, but rivals when their middle schools play against each other.  In this photo, I think Aspen looks a lot like her dad – poor thing!

Coral at parade.jpgDelaney and Aspen.JPG



This family photo is from December 2011 even though I am just posting it now.  I have had a little trouble moving photos from iPhoto on our home computer to this web page…the quality never comes out quite right…but it is kind of a nice photo anyway.  (except that something strange appears to be happening to my right eye)




(Some time in 2009 or 2010)  It has been a while since I posted photos of my family – not since late in 2007!  So, time for some updates.  These are from calendar year 2009.  I kept the older photos below.  You can see how much the girls have grown since 2006!


My daughter Aspen at her summer camp (Circle F Dude Ranch) in summer 2009:



My daughter Coral (on her 6th birthday, February 2009) wearing her cute purple hat and giving her “pose for the camera” smile:



One of the whole family (it’s a little blurry, sorry) after a performance by Coral’s kindergarten class:




The next two are from our summer vacation in 2007, to Virginia (following the AEESP Conference).


My daughter Coral on her pony ride:



My daughter Aspen waiting for her sister to finish the pony ride:




And finally, a couple from our family summer vacation in July 2006:


Here I am with my daughter Aspen in Smoky Mountain National Park.  Her hair was longer then!



Here I am with both my daughters, Coral and Aspen, swimming off the dock in Lake Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Jeff_n_girls



That’s all for now….