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Doctoral Students

  • Chaitra Gopalappa, Graduated August 2010. Post-Doctoral Fellow on AIDS Research at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Atlanta. Topic: Three Essays on Healthcare Modeling.
  • Vishnu Nanduri, Graduated August 2009. Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Topic: Capacity Expansion in Deregulated Power Markets.
  • Rajesh Ganesan, Graduated August 2005. Assistant Professor at George Mason University , Fairfax , Virginia. Topic: Multiresolution Monitoring and Learning Based Control Using Real Time Sensor Data.
  • Cihan Babayigit, Graduated Spring 2008. Topic: Auction Design and Analysis for Deregulated electric Power Markets.
  • Jun Li, Graduate in December 2003. Systems Analyst, Werner Bros. Dissertation topic: Learning Nash Equilibrium in Average Reward Stochastic Games.
  • Abhijit Gosavi, Graduated in May 1999, Assistant Professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Dissertation topic: Reinforcement Learning Algorithms: Convergence Analysis and Numerical results.
  • Carlos Paternina Arboleda, Graduated Fall 1999, Chair of the Industrial Engineering, Universidad Del Norte, Colombia. Dissertation topic: Dynamic Control of Production Flow Lines using Simulation Optimization.
  • Eduardo Lerin, Graduated in Summer 2000. Airbus. Dissertation topic: A Nonparametric Approach Multivariate Process Control using Wavelet Decomposition of Sensor Data.
  • Felipe Pachano-Azuaje, Graduated in Fall 2001. Associate Professor of Systems Engineering at University of Los Andes, Venezuela. Topic: Sequential Universal Probability Ratio Tests for Gaussian Processes.

Current Doctoral Students

  • Diana Prieto, Topic: Development of Mitigation Strategies for Pandemic Outbreaks. Expected Completion: Summer 2011.
  • Dayna Martinez, Topic: Global Mitigation Strategies for Pandemic Outbreaks. Expected Completion: Fall 2011.
  • Patricio Rocha, Topic: Cap-and-Trade Modeling and Analysis for Electric Power Generation Systems. Expected Completion: Summer 2011.
  • Ehsan Salimi, Topic: Optimal Recycling of CO2 Cap-and-Trade Revenue. Expected Completion: Spring 2013.
  • Gordon Gillette, Topic: Emissions Control Strategies for Fossil Fuel Based Electric Generation (tentative). Expected Completion: Summer 2014.
  • Felipe Feijoo, Topic: Comprehensive Cap-and-Trade Policy Evaluation (tentative). Starting Fall 2010.


Master's Students

  • Vishnuteja Nanduri, Graduated May 2005.
  • Balaji Rajan, Graduated May 2005.
  • Baskar Mohan, Graduated May 2005.
  • Santosh Kothamasu, Graduated May 2003.
  • Alok Buch,Graduated August 2003.
  • Sanket Gupte, Graduated May 2003.
  • Bhavani Prasad Rao, Graduated Dec 2002. (Thesis topic: Wavelet based run to run process Control) .
  • Saif Fakih,
  • Vikas Singh, Graduated Dec. 2002. (Thesis topic: Airline Network Revenue Management).
  • Radhika Poolla, Graduated May 2003. (Thesis topic: Dynamic Decision Making in Medical Diagnosis).
  • Rajkumar Ragupathi, Graduated Dec. 2002. (Thesis topic: Restructured Power Market Design).
  • Rajesh Ganesan, Graduated Dec. 2002. Thesis topic: Wavelet based process monitoring).
  • Jaideep Rao, Graduated December 2001. Currently at Pilgrim Software.
  • Sivaram Parameswaran, Graduated Summer 2000. KPMG Consultants.
  • Kiran Kumar Ravulapati, Graduated Summer 2000. Delta Technologies, Atlanta.
  • *Felipe Pachano-Azuaje, expected graduation in Fall 1999. Thesis topic: Mean and variance control using SPRT control charts  (IIE Graduate Research Award 2001, 1st place; USF Outstanding Thesis Award, 2000).
  • Vivek Venkataraman, graduated in Spring 2000. Thesis topic: Process control using wavelet analysis.
  • Naveen Bandla, Graduated 1998, Project Engineer, Sabre Technologies, Dallas, TX.  (USF Outstanding Thesis Award, 1999; IIE Graduate Research award 2000, 1st place).
  • Krishna Mohan Kanchibhatta, Graduated 1998, Software Engineer, PMSE Corporation, Columbia, SC. (IIE Graduate Research award 1999, 3rd place).
  • Udaybhaskar Bidurukontam, Graduated 1997, Quality Control Engineer, Jaybil Circuits, Florida. (IIE Graduate Research Award 1998, 3rd place; USF Outstanding Thesis Award).
  • Eduardo Lerin, Graduated 1996, Ph.D. candidate at USF. (IIE Graduate Research Award 1997, 1st place; USF Outstanding Thesis Award).
  • Hemal Mehta, Graduated 1995, Project Manager, Sabre Technologies, Dallas, TX.
  • Vikas Jain, graduated 1994, Manager Quality Control, Cisco Systems, San Jose, California. (IIE Graduate Research award 1995, 1st place).