STATNAMIC™ Load Testing


Developed through a joint effort by Berminghammer Foundation Equipment and TNO Building and Construction Research, Statnamic foundation testing has rapidly become an accepted method for determining the load-displacement characteristics of shallow and deep foundations.   The University of South Florida is conducting research aimed at developing additional applications for Statnamic testing.

In conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), USF owns a 4 MN Statnamic device which utilizes a hydraulic catching mechanism.  This is the largest such device currently available.   Larger Statnamic models use a gravel catching system.

If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0 or later and have a fast internet connection, you can view a brief animation of a small hydraulic catch mechanism in action.  (Sorry, this is not available in Netscape).

Shallow Foundations

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Static load test (Statnamic in background)
Side-by-side testing
Test plate for shallow foundations
Vibro-replacement (stone columns)
Static load test - load cell and hydraulic jack
Fully assembled - ready to test
Statnamic-derived static response vs. true static

Deep Foundations

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Lateral Load Testing

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 Lateral Load Test: Setup
Lateral Load Test: Ignition

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