About me:

I was born in Tehran (Iran). I got married with a wonderful and beautiful woman, Kimia. We do not have any kid yet. I moved to Australia in Feb 2012, and later in Aug 2015 moved to the US. I truly miss my parents, my sister, and all my relatives. I hope to see them soon.

-Richard Feynman: ``Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough."

  1. (4-Nov-2018) INFORMS 2018 - Phoenix Convention Center.
  2. (18-Nov-2017) Annual BBQ at USF Riverfront Park.
  3. (22-Aug-2017) My PhD students and I at USF.
  4. (01-May-2017) Having lunch at ''On Top of the Palms'' with Kimia (my wife) and some of my students in the Multi-objective Optimization class.
  5. (08-Dec-2016) Having lunch at ''On Top of the Palms'' with some of my students in the Integer Programming class right after the final exam. It was an unbelievable semester for me with such wonderful students in such a great environment:
  6. (19-Nov-2016) Annual BBQ at USF Riverfront Park:
  7. (13-Nov-2016) What a wonderful night with USF students and collogues in INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016 (Nashville):
  8. (16-Sep-2016) I had great time at USF INFORMS Welcome Event:
  9. (20-Aug-2016) Faculty Staff Luncheon- College of Engineering at USF.
  10. (12-Aug-2016) Do you want to ``spend a week by the beach learning about the latest optimisation technologies" in the southern hemisphere. Then you should try THIS. I have been there before; it is quite fun.
  11. (05-Aug-2016) I always enjoy reading Michael Trick's Operations Research Blog. It is pretty cool.
  12. (05-Aug-2016) This is one of my favorite lectures on the history of computer: Richard Feynman Computer Heuristics Lecture.