Global Center - University of South Florida’s Newest Intercollegiate Research Center
Twenty years ago, very few Universities had programs in Biomedical Engineering.  More and more Universities have recently established them, including the College of Engineering at USF.  In the areas of audiology and speech, there are many departments and clinics that provide these services nationally, including the USF Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD-Ranked in the top 25 in the United States).  The new USF Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research formally links the USF Departments of CSD and Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, to apply bioengineering techniques and research paradigms to solve technological and biomedical problems faced by the deaf, hearing impaired, and those suffering from speech production and perception deficits.  This formal tie between bioengineering in USF’s College of Engineering and CSD in USF’s College of Behavioral and Community Sciences is very unique in a University setting, making the Global Center quite singular nationally and internationally.  Please explore our new Global Center website for opportunities for collaborations, mentoring and research training at all levels.



Figure 1 Legend:  Initial members of the Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research at USF.  From Left to Right:  Bo Ding, M.D.;  David Eddins, Ph.D.;  Xiaoxia Zhu, M.D.; T. St. John;  Ann Eddins, Ph.D.;  Robert Frisina, Ph.D.;  Emily Plowman, Ph.D.;  Joseph Walton, Ph.D.

Figure 2 Legend:  One of the neurophysiology laboratories in the Global Center whose purpose is to investigate functional characteristics of the auditory system.  Drs. Bo Ding and Robert Frisina monitor the activity of nerve cells in the mouse inner ear and brain to determine how their neural responses change in cases of hearing loss and deafness.