Major Focus:   Determination of Neural Mechanisms Responsible for Encoding of Speech and Complex Sounds in Young and Aged – Towards Bio-Therapeutic Interventions;  Advanced Drug Delivery; and Neural Stimulation.


1. Molecular Biological, Neurophysiological, Molecular, Genetic and Neuroanatomical Investigation of Biological Bases of Presbycusis. Multidisciplinary Program Project in collaboration with other faculty at the University of S. Florida, Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, and Biological Sciences Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Funded with NIH Program Project Grant, and 5- year NIH K Award.

2. Development of microelectronic and bioengineering approaches to calibrated and sustained drug and biotherapeutic compound delivery, in collaboration with Drs. David Borkholder, Electrical & Microelectronics Engineering Dept., Rochester Institute of Technology.  Funded with NIH 5-year R01 Grant and 5-year K Award.

3. Neurophysiological Encoding of Speech and Biologically Relevant Sound Features by the Auditory Nervous System, investigated using neurophysiological and biomedical engineering techniques.  Funded with NIH Program Project.

4. Functional Neuroanatomical Organization of the Auditory System, including effects of hormones and sex differences, investigated with advanced neuroimaging and other neuroscientific and human perceptual techniques.  Funded with NIH Program Project.

5. Ototoxicity and Genes Involved in Medical Outcomes in Testicular Cancer Survivors.  Funded by NIH R01 Grant.