Spring 2014 Semester

EEL 4914: Senior Design Project

EL 6935: Bioelectronics

General Stuff

BB Blackboard link (I don't use blackboard for my classes so please don't expect to find anything relevant there!)

Applets Educational Applets

Physics Applets Some really nice applets from the Univ. of CO

More applets Some nice applets from UW

Professional MSEE Program MSEE-P

EEL 6XXX: Capstone Design Project (For Professionals)

EEL 5462: Antenna Theory (For Professionals)

EEL 6XXX: Electronic Materials and Devices (For Professionals)

Previous Semesters

Grad Classes Undergrad Classes
EEL 6935: Bioelectronics EEL 4936: Bioelectronics
BME 6931: Bioelectronics EEL 3394 Electronic Materials
EEL 6486 Electromagnetic Field Theory I EGN 3000-901 Foundations of Engineering
EEL 6936 SiC Technology EEL 3302 Electronics I
EEL 6318 Characterization of Semiconductors
EEL 6355 Compound Semiconductor Technology
EEL 6908 Independent Study: SiC Characterization
EEL 6935-007 Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Technology I
EEL 6908 Independent Study: BioMolecular Engineering

Theses and Dissertations

Editing Here is a link to how to professionally edit a manuscript. Very helpful during thesis/dissertation writing!