Title Information
Neuroscience SiC MEA's with Dr. C. L. Frewin, - USF Neuroscience Collaborative
SiC Nanowires Frame 7 european project Nanowiring and IMEM-CNR, Dr. G. Salviati, Parma, IT
SiC Biosensors Collaboration with Dr. S. Iannotta, IMEM-CNR, Parma, IT and Trento, IT
Graphene on SiC Collaboration with Dr. C. Coletti, IIT @NEST, Pisa, IT
SiC Nanotechnology Nonoporous SiC - ONR DURINT Project
SiC CVD SiC CVD in a horizontal hot-wall reactor with Dr. C. L. Frewin, Tampa, FL
SiC Devices 3C-SiC Diamond on 3C-SiC in colloaboration wtih Dr. T. Iwasaki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
SiC Neural Probes Collaboration with Dr. C. L. Frewin, Tampa, FL and Prof. Dr. Mario Gazziro  , UFABC
SiC DBS leads Collaboration with Dr. G. de Erausqin  of Professor, College Of Medicine and Neurology, USF