EEL 6502 - Digital Signal Processing I

Tentative Schedule: Fall Semester

Prerequisites by Topic:

Catalog Description: PR: EEL 4102 or CC. Goals: Textbooks: References: Instructor: Dr. Ravi Sankar, Professor of Electrical Engineering Class: MW 9:30 - 10:45 am; ENB 110

Office Hours: Generally Open door policy;
Specific Hours: MW 10:45-12:00 (ENB 368); MW 5:00-6:00 pm (on-line email and telephone)
You can also contact me by email/voice mail any time or by appointment

Course Homepages:

Topics to be covered:

Grading Policy: Academic Policies

Homework Policy: Homework Exercises will be assigned in the class but will not be collected. Everyone is recommended to do the homework earnestly since it will be a good preparation for the exam.

Exam Policy: All exams are closed books and notes. One page reference sheet for formulas and definitions is allowed but NO homework or any other worked out examples. There will be NO MAKE-UP for a missed exam without prior approval from the instructor (with sufficient advance notice given) except in the case of a documented medical emergency.

Academic Dishonesty Policy: Students are reminded that University policies pertaining to academic dishonesty commonly found in both UG and G catalogs will be applied in this course (any form of cheating on exams or plagiarism on assigned homework and projects will result in an F grade and further suspension or expulsion from the University with NO warnings given). It is the student's responsibility to review and understand USF and EE Department policies and procedures on Acdemic Conduct, Dishonesty, and Disruption.

Attendance Policy: Students who anticipate the necessity of being absent from class due to the observation of a major religious observance must provide notice of the date(s) to the instructor, in writing, by the second class meeting.

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