Yasin Yılmaz


Yasin Yılmaz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Department
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL


I am an assistant professor at the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of South Florida, Tampa. I am also affiliated with the Florida Center for Cybersecurity.

My research interests are in statistical data analysis for big data problems, cybersecurity and privacy, statistical signal processing, and machine learning with applications to IoT, social networks, transportation systems, energy systems, and communication systems.

* I am looking for motivated Ph.D. students to join my Data & Signal Analysis Research Group!
If you are interested and have a solid background in math, statistics and probability, then please email me your CV along with a short description of your background and research interests. I will get back to you if I see a good match. Thanks!

Previously (2014-2016), I was a postdoctoral research fellow in Prof. Alfred Hero's group at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

I received my Ph.D. in 2014 from the Electrical Engineering Department at Columbia University. My advisor was Prof. Xiaodong Wang. I was also co-advised by Prof. George Moustakides.