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Advanced Dynamics
Shuh-Jing Ying

Advanced dynamics is recognized as an important subject of study for all engineering students and professionals in competitive university programs and throughout the industry. This textbook explains the fundamental laws of motion, but goes a step beyond by covering new topics such as gyroscopic effect, missile trajectories, interplanetary missions, multistage rocket, and use of numerical methods. In addition, theories such as the rotation operator are taken to a new degree and developed further, well surpassing comparable textbooks.

The book balances theory and application and relates all subjects to practical problems, real-world situations, and recent advances that affect everyday life. This text distinguishes itself with a more complete introduction to recent developments in dynamics, new and practical applications to help the reader remember key theories and uses, and an appreciation that the subject matter is one with ongoing problems that need new solutions. These distinguishing features make Advanced Dynamics more complete, interesting, and understandable than existing textbooks and resource materials. Problems appear at the end of each chapter, and a solutions manual is available for professors.

Advanced Dynamics is also written for engineers who want to update their knowledge and stay current with the changes in the field, but do not have the opportunity to attend formal classes. The reader will take away a thorough understanding of the foundation of mechanical engineering, which is necessary to read and assimilate scholarly papers and leading articles published peer-reviewed.

Review of Fundamental Principles * Kinematics and Dynamics of a Particle * Dynamics of a System of Particles * Lagrange's Equations and the Variational Principle * Rockets and Space Vehicles * Matrices, Tensors, Dyadics, and Rotation Operators * Dynamics of a Rigid Body * Fundamentals of Small Oscillations * Vibration of Systems with Multiple Degrees of Freedom Special Relativity Theory * Appendix A: Runge-Kutta Method * Appendix B: Stoke's Theorem * Appendix C: Planetary Data * Appendix D: Determinants and Matrices * Appendix E: Method of Partial Fractions * Appendix F: Tables of Fourier and Laplace Transforms * Appendix G: Contour Integration and Inverse Laplace Transform * Appendix H: Bessel Functions * Appendix I: Instructions for Computer Programs * Appendix J: Further Reading * Index

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