EML 6105-Advanced Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

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Prerequisites: Thermodynamics II or Thermal Systems and Economics or I.C.

This course introduces some advanced topics in classical thermodynamics, some elementary subjects in statistical mechanics and also some applications in combustion. Through this course, students will have basic knowledge in the generation of Thermodynamic tables, relation between the behavior of molecular motions and thermodynamic properties, and also can relate the knowledge to practical applications.

References: Terrell L. Hill "An Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics"

Dover Publications, 1986.

Kenneth Wark, Jr., "Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers".

McGraw Hill, 1995

Instructor: S.J. Ying, Professor

Goals: (a) To have basic knowledge in the generation of thermodynamic tables,relation between the behavior of molecular motions and thermodynamic properties, and relate this knowledge to practical applications.

(b) To lead students to do research work in the related areas.

Prerequisites by Topic:

EGN 3343 Thermodynamics I

1. The thermodynamic system and the control volume

2. Macroscopic vs. microscopic point of view

3. The zeroth law of thermodynamics

4. Properties of a pure substance

5. Work and heat

6. The first law of thermodynamics

7. The second law of thermodynamics

EML 4106 Thermal Systems and Economics

1. Power and refrigeration cycles

2. Some thermodynamic relations

3. Mixtures and solutions

4. Fundamentals in combustion


Irreversibility and availability

Thermodynamic relations

Chemical reactions

Phase and chemical equilibrium

Introduction to statistical mechanics

Entropy and the third law of thermodynamics

The perfect gas with internal degrees of freedom

Grading System:

Homeworks 10%

Two Tests (6th and 12th week) 40%

Final Exam 50%