What is BEST@USF?

The Bulls Engineering Success Training (BEST) program provides selected undergraduate students in the College of Engineering an interdisciplinary industry-based capstone design experience.

A BEST team of six students will complete an industry contributed project in two semesters and will earn up to six credit hours. All BEST projects are directly supervised by a College of Engineering faculty member and mentored by an industry partner. The BEST program will prepare students for their first job in industry and enable them to hit the ground running. Being part of the BEST program is a great way for companies to help prepare the next generation of practicing engineers. Participating companies benefit directly from having a project completed and gain recruiting advantages in hiring new engineers.

Mini-Circuits DFX Lab

The Mini-Circuit Design for X (DFX) Laboratory in the Engineering II building provides access to 3D printers, laser cutter, CNC mill, electronics work benches, and many other resources for students in the College of Engineering. The DFX Lab serves as a key resource for BEST students.

Design for X Laboratory


USF College of Engineering

The USF College of Engineering provides a relevant, high quality educational experience for its students and by being a leader in innovative research in the areas of sustainability, renewable energy and biomedical engineering, the College of Engineering aspires to be a peer among engineering programs at research-focused public universities.

Visit the official website for the USF College of Engineering to receive information regarding enrollment, research projects and student success stories. 

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