Abstract Submission

Aging & Speech Communication International Meeting- November 3-6, 2019

Podium and Poster Presentation Abstract Submission (all Posters and Podium Presentations will occur on Monday, Nov. 4-Tuesday, Nov. 5)

We encourage you to submit an Abstract to our upcoming meeting in Tampa.  Guidelines:

The Body of the Abstract can be up to 400 words.  The Title (not to exceed 15 words), Authors (First, middle initial, Last), Affiliations and Acknowledgement of Funding Sources are not included in these 400 words, but are required.

The Submitting Author should be designated with an asterisk *, and the Presenting Author with a pound sign #.
Submission of your Abstract involves certification that the human or animal research welfare procedures have been followed and approved by your University Internal Review Board (IRB or equivalent) and/or your Animal Subject Review Board (IACUC or equivalent).

We recommend that you draft, edit, and save your proposal in a PDF document and then upload the PDF into the submission system to ensure accuracy in word count, spelling, and grammar.

The Poster size will be: Height: 40”  by Width: 52”

The deadline for on-line submission has been extended to August 31, 2019(Midnight EST)

To be eligible, either the Submitting or Presenting Author needs to register for the meeting by August 31, 2019.
At the bottom of your Abstract (after the acknowledgements), indicate 1 of the following presentation options (Podium will be a 12 min talk, 3 min for questions; Posters will be up for 2 hours in the afternoon with refreshments):

Podium Only

Poster Only

Either Poster or Podium

Also, list your (Submitting Author’s) preferred e-mail address, secondary email if you have one; and complete phone # including country code

Lastly, provide a 1 sentence summary, if you have a conflict of interest (COI).  COI is defined as: any financial or nonfinancial consideration or relationship relevant to your presentation content that compromises or has the potential to compromise professional judgment (if you have a COI, you are still eligible to present), but you should briefly mention it at the beginning of your talk/poster.  COI Examples:

Being an employee of, or a paid consultant to, an organization whose product or service you discuss in your presentation.
Patent holder related to findings in your presentation.
Ownership interest (stocks, stock options, or other ownership interests) in a company who could benefit from your findings.

Each Abstract will be reviewed by members of our International Advisory Board, which serves as our Meeting Program Committee; and you will be notified of acceptance within a month of submission.  Although registration is required to submit your Abstract, if your plans change, you may request a Full Refund.  Accepted Abstracts will be posted on our Meeting Website and in our printed Program to be distributed in your Registration Packets on-site.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks, and see you in sunny Tampa!