The Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Group conducts research and invents technologies that result in commercial products that enhance the security, health and quality of life of individuals the world over.

We leverage USF's strengths in Video and Image Analysis Technology, Biometric Technology, Classification and Knowledge Discovery, Affective Computing , VR/AR, HCI, and Medical Data Analysis Technology to impact:

  • Domestic Security: Early detection and identification of suspicious activities, authentication of persons prior to permitting access to secure facilities, automated analysis of surveillance video for abnormal patterns, automated monitoring of coastal waters.

  • Quality of Life:¬†Automated interpretation of sign language to improve communication with the handicapped, understanding the formation of red tide leading to methods of prevention or amelioration, automated system to detect and prevent collision of vehicles, algorithms for automated video analysis to enable content indexing and search, prediction of autism in children, analysis of pain and stress in soldiers.

  • Healthcare: Machine learning methods to spot disease outbreaks, understanding of gene expressions leading to development of early detection and treatment of diseases, analysis of medical images, tissue classification from Magnetic Resonance images for improved diagnostics, interpretation of brain waves to interact with computers and prosthetics, assessment of pain in neonates.

Please feel free to explore our site and learn more about current and past projects, participating researchers, publications and presentations.


June 23 - Sudeep Sarkar awarded NSF grant for understanding events in videos.

May 29 - Sudeep Sarkar awarded NSF grant for COVID-19 Economic Recovery Markers from Satellite Imagery for City-Scale Decisions.

April 30 - Sk Rahatul Jannat presents her major area research paper.

April 28 - Saeed Alahmari successfully defended his PhD dissertation.

April 8 - Dmitry Cherezov successfully defended his PhD dissertation.

March 3 - Rahul Paul successfully defended his PhD dissertation.


Recent Publications

D. Fabiano, S. Canavan, H. Agazzi, S. Hinduja, and D. Goldgof. "Gaze-based classification of autism spectrum disorder." Pattern Recognition Letters, 135, pp.204-212, 2020.

R. Paul, M. Hassan, E. Moros, L. Hall, and D. Goldgof. "Deep feature stability analysis using CT images of a physical phantom across scanner manufacturers, cartridges, pixel sizes, and slice thickness"Tomography, 6(2):250, 2020

S. Hinduja, S. Canavan, and L. Yin. "Recognizing perceived emotions from facial expressions" Face and Gesture, 2020