Human ID Gait Challenge Dataset


This is a large (1.2 Tera Bytes) of video of gait from 122 subjects in up to 32 possible combinations of variations in factors. Signature of release form is required.

Expected response time: 3 months.

Foreign distribution may be restricted.

  1. Download the license agreement from HERE

  2. The license agreement MUST be reviewed and signed by the individual or entity authorized to make legal commitments on behalf of the institution or corporation.  We cannot accept licenses signed by students or faculty members any more. Your institution’s legal office must review and execute the license.

  3. Return the ORIGINAL properly signed license agreement by postal mail AND email, as instructed in the license agreement

  1. Our university has a new export control process in place. Before you send us the drive,  send me the signed license agreement. If approved only then send us the drives.

  1. Send to the address below one EXTERNAL  1.5 Tera Byte (1.5 TB) USB drive ALONG with a prepaid return label with addresses to which drives will be sent and a telephone number, for the carrier. Also send an email, with tracking numbers, to (sarkar AT cseeDOTusfDOTedu) to look out for the drive.

                 Sudeep Sarkar

                 Computer Science and Engineering

                  University of South Florida

                 4202 E Fowler Ave., ENB 118

                 Tampa, FL 33620


                 Phone; 813 974 4100

Details about the dataset are at