Digital Database for Screening Mammography

Overview of Volume: normal_11

This table contains links to overview pages for the cases in this volume. Each overview page contains the "thumbnails" of the images associated with the case, along with a listing of the additional descriptors in the ICS file. The "thumbnail" images are meant for visual browsing of the cases only, and are not suitable for any form of experimental work. The thumbnail images were blurred, subsampled, sharpened and converted to eight bits per pixel. Thus, they contain artifacts introduced by this processing (i.e., aliasing, ringing, re-quantization, clipping etc.). Any experimental work should start with the full raw images for the case. The additional descriptors include the date of the study, the patient age at the time of the study, a breast density rating given in the BI-RADS 1 to 4 rating, and information on the size (lines and pixels/line) of each "raw" image.

The "normal" cases in DDSM are meant to be screening exams which were read as normal at the time that they were performed, and for which a 4-year-later followup is available and was also read as normal.

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