Lab Rules

General Rules

  • General operating hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm when the University is normally open unless you have afterhours access.

  • No food or drink is allowed in this lab except for the designated storage areas.

  • Wear safety glasses at all times when using or observing tools the rapid prototyping tools, hand and power tools.

  • The major tools have specific safety rules, material restrictions, and standard operating procedures that must be followed. You will be introduced to these in you training session.

  • For tool support see the expert who trained you or the authorized expert for the specific tool. For FOM access issues see the Lab Manager.

  • There is an application process to join the DfX Lab. Users attend a short orientation and safety overview and then specific tool training is scheduled.

  • If you miss two trainings without cancellation, you will no longer be allowed to schedule trainings

  • Users must login to the FOM software for scheduling of tools. Always check the FOM scheduler for tool reservations before you use a tool. Read the online scheduling rules and follow them to avoid scheduling problems. Do not work into other users scheduled time. If you do not show up with 10 min of the start of your reservation, it will be canceled.

  • All tools, support supplies and accessory equipment housed in this lab are for consumption and use in this lab and should not be removed or borrowed unless approved by the laboratory manager.

  • All supplies or projects brought to the lab should NOT be stored in the lab unless a storage area has been reserved by a lab staff member.

  • Cleaning your work area is essential. For the rapid prototyping tools you will be shown how to leave the tool when you are finished. Do not leave personal items in this lab.

  • Please leave all the tools in the “idle or standby” state (as you have been shown in the training) when you are finished and the last person out of the room should turn off the lights and make sure the door is shut and locked.

  • Report any equipment problem, messes left by others, water leaks, missing items, or any unusual events to a TSS staff immediately. Tool or facilities modifications to equipment should not be done unless approved by the Lab Manager.

  • Due to the dynamic nature of the space, sleeping in the lab is prohibited.

  • Group or Organization Reservations

    Group access to the lab is granted on a case by case basis, please email Alex Saltos to reserve the space

    Computer and Tool Access Policies

  • The computer usage in this falls under the USF “Acceptable Use Policy”

  • The major rapid prototyping tools require you to have a “USF FOREST” computer account and FOM account authorization which involves tool training. You should apply for an “USF FOREST” account. The USF FOREST account is managed by the USF IT department for all students and users. USF FOREST accounts expire and are automatically disabled at 6 months of inactivity and deleted at 12 months of inactivity. If your account expires and you are still attending classes, you must ask IT for renewal. The tools require these accounts be active and users are responsible for keeping them on active status.

  • The tool expert who you trained with can add you to the access groups after you have an USF FOREST and FOM account and you have taken the required training.

  • Tool users are expected to login with their own FOM and FOREST account and password and not login for others. You must be trained and certified to use the tools in this lab. Please see the NREC Office for monthly training sessions offered or card access rights to this lab.

  • The general FOM site for the user manuals is, please see for the username and passwords associated with each training session.

  • This staff in this lab cannot solve your account creation, enablement or password problems. Please contact the IT help desk to solve these problems.

  • Always backup, move or copy your data files to your own network space or media as these machines are not backed up and can be purged of data files at any time. Support staff cannot be responsible for your data should you choose to leave it on any of the PC’s in this lab.