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Selected Journal Publications:

Elineni, K.K. and Gallant, N.D. Microtubules Mechanically Regulate Cell Adhesion Strengthening Via Cell Shape. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering 7(1):136-144 (2014).

Onen, O., Ahmad, A.A., Guldiken, R., and Gallant, N.D. Surface modification of acoustic wave biosensors for enhanced specificity. Sensors 12(9):12317-12328 (2012).

Guldiken, R., Jo, M.C., Gallant, N.D., Demirci, U., and Zhe, J. Sheathless size-based acoustic particle separation. Sensors 12(1):905-922 (2012).

Elineni, K.K. and Gallant, N.D. Regulation of cell adhesion strength by peripheral focal adhesion distribution. Biophysical Journal 101(12):2903-2911 (2011).

Moore, N.M., Lin, N.J., Gallant, N.D., and Becker, M.L. Synergistic proliferation and osteogenic differentiation activity of human bone marrow stromal cells on BMP-2 derived and RGD peptide concentration gradients. Acta Biomaterialia 7(5):2091-2100 (2011).

Acharya, A.P., Dolgova, N.V., Moore, N.M., Xia, C.Q., Clare-Salzler, M.J., Becker, M.L., Gallant N.D., and Keselowsky, B.G. The modulation of dendritic cell integrin binding and activation by RGD peptide density gradient substrates. Biomaterials 31(29):7444-7454 (2010).

Moore, N.M., Lin, N.J., Gallant, N.D., and Becker, M.L. The use of immobilized osteogenic growth peptide on gradient substrates synthesized via click chemistry to enhance MC3T3-E1 osteoblast proliferation. Biomaterials 31(7):1604-1611 (2010).

Dumbauld, D.W., Shin, H., Gallant, N.D., Michael, K.E., Radhakrishna, H., and Garcia, A.J. Contractility modulates adhesive force via focal adhesion kinase and assembly of vinculin-containing focal adhesions. Journal of Cellular Physiology 223(3):746-756 (2010).

Jakupciak, J.P., Gallant, N.D., Becker, M.L., Tona, A., and Atha, D.H. Improved methods and standards for telomerase detection: Quantitative histopathology using antibody staining. Biotechnic and Histochemistry 84:195-206 (2009).

Chen, R.I., Gallant, N.D., Smith, J.R., Kipper, M.J., and Simon Jr., C.G. Time-dependent effects of pre-aging polymer films in cell culture medium on cell adhesion and spreading. Journal of Materials Science Materials in Medicine 19:1757-1766 (2008).

Becker, M.L., Fagan, J.A., Gallant, N.D., Bauer, B.J., Bajpai, V., Hobbie, E.K., Lacerda, S.H., Migler, K., and Jakupciak, J.P. Length dependent uptake of DNA-wrapped single walled carbon nanotubes. Advanced Materials 19(7):939-945 (2007).

Gallant, N.D., Lavery, K.A., Amis, E.J., and Becker, M.L. Universal gradient substrates for “click” biofunctionalization. Advanced Materials 19(7):965-969 (2007).

Gallant, N.D., Charest, J.L., King, W.P., and García, A.J. Micro- and nano-patterned substrates to manipulate cell adhesion. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 7(3):803-807 (2007).

Gallant, N.D. and García, A.J. Model of integrin-mediated cell adhesion strengthening. Journal of Biomechanics 40(6):1301-1309 (2007).

Bailey, L.O., Becker, M.L., Stephens, J.S., Gallant, N.D., Mahoney, C.M., Washburn, N.R., Rege, A., Kohn, J., and Amis, E.J. Cellular response to phase-separated blends of tyrosine-derived polycarbonates. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part A 76(3):491-502 (2006).

Gallant, N.D., Michael, K.E., and García, A.J. Cell adhesion strengthening: Contributions of adhesive area, integrin binding and focal adhesion assembly. Molecular Biology of the Cell 16:4329-4340 (2005).

García, A.J. and Gallant, N.D. “Stick and Grip”: Measurement systems and quantitative analyses of integrin-mediated cell adhesion strength. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics 39:61-74 (2003).

Gallant, N.D., Capadona, J.R., Frazier, A.B., Collard, D.M., and García A.J. Micropatterned surfaces to engineer focal adhesions for analysis of cell adhesion strengthening. Langmuir 18(14):5579-5584 (2002).


Book Chapters:

Gallant, N.D. Quantitative assays for measuring cell adhesion and motility. In Characterization of Biomaterials (Jaffe, Willis Hammond, Tolias, and Arinzeh, eds.) Woodhead, Cambridge, pp. 72-100 (2013).

Gallant, N.D. and Garcia, A.J. Quantitative analyses of cell adhesion strength. In Methods in Molecular Biology: Adhesion Protein Protocols, 2nd Edition (Coutts, ed.) Humana Press, Totowa, pp. 83-96 (2007).

García, A.J., Keselowsky, B.G., Cutler, S.M., Gallant, N.D., Collard, D.M., Byers, B.A., and Stephansson, S.A. Biomimetic integrin-specific surfaces to control cell function.  In Biomimetic Materials: Design and Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering Applications (Dillow and Lowman, eds.) Marcel Dekker, NY, pp. 29-53 (2002).

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