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Gardezi Syed Ali
Ali has 7years industrial experience as professional engineer.He has been studying in USF since 2007. I got enrolled in PhD program in fall 2010. He completed his PhD in 2014. Research includes: Development of customer specific Fischer Tropsch Catalyst, Performance assessment of catalyst in Bench-top Fixed Bed Reactor, Modeling the startup of Fischer Tropsch process to evaluate pore filling time and parametric sensitivity especially temperature variation, Process development for fuel formation from sunlight mimicking (photosynthesis).
k Ngo Kassie (ThuHuong) Kassie is currently a Ph.D. student. She earned her B.S and M.S degrees in Chemical Engineering at The University of Tulsa, and The University of Oklahoma, respectively. Her research focuses on photocatalyst applications on CO2 reduction, using solar energy to convert CO2 to fuels such as CH4. She frequently uses experimental instruments such as photoreactors, GCMS, UV-vis and TEM for her research.. Kassie is co-advised by Dr. Bhethanabotla
Kent Ryan Ryan Kent is from Pensacola. he is currently working on his BS/MS dual degree in chemical engineering. His research focuses on the conversion of landfill gas to liquid fuels.Here is pictured working with his undergraduate research assistant: Charles "Andy" Sulesky ( on left).Ryan is co-advised by Dr. Kuhn
Cimenler Ummuhan Ummuhan is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering. Her research focuses on zeolite coated catalysts with reactant selectivity with application to reforming and Fischer Tropsch Synthesis.Ummuhan is co-advised by Dr. Kuhn
Elsayed Nada Nada completed her BS at USF worked for a few years and then came back to do a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Her research focus is on low temperature tri-reforming catalysts. Nada is co-advised by Dr. Kuhn
Yang Chia Chita is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering. His work focuses on the use of sub nanoparticles of Pt and Ag for enhancing photocatalytic activity of TiO2 for CO2 photoreduction. Chia is co-advised by Dr. Bhethanabotla
  Tran Trang Trang is an undergraduate research assistant working with Kassie on plasmonic enhancement of photocatalysis