Currently serving as the doctoral dissertation advisor for the following students:  

    Walter Silva Sotillo

    Topic: Influenza pandemic outbreak mitigation.
    Expected graduation August 2017.

    Vignesh Subramanian

    Topic: Dynamic Pricing and Demand Response in Smart & Connected Communities.
    Started Fall 2014

    Hanisha Tatapudi

    Topic: Influenza Pandemic Outbreak Modeling.
    Started Fall 2016

    Kevin Melendez

    Topic: EV Transportation and Electric Power in S&CC.
    Started Fall 2016

Doctoral dissertation advisor for the following Ph.D. degree recipients:

  • Alireza Ghalebani; Graduated in May 2016. Topic: Renewable Energy Investment Planning and Policy Design. Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company.
  • Mehrnaz Abdollahian; Graduated in December 2015. Topic: Estimating Likelihood of Having a BRCA Gene Mutation Based on Family History of Cancers and Recommending Optimized Cancer Preventive Actions. Senior Analyst at Liberty Mutual, Boston.
  • Felipe Feijoo; Graduated in August 2015. Topic: Analysis of Carbon Policies for Electricity Networks with High Penetration of Green Generation. Post-Doctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University.  
  • Dayna Lee Martinez; Graduated in August 2012. Topic: Non-pharmaceutical intervention strategies for pandemic influenza outbreaks. Lecturer and Researcher, Northeastern University, Veteran Engineering Research Center (VERC).  
  • Diana Prieto; Graduated in December 2011. Topic: Modeling and surveillance of pandemic influenza outbreaks. Assistant Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Western Michigan University, Michigan, USA.
  • Patricio Rocha; Graduated in August 2011. Topic: Cap-and-Trade Modeling and Analysis for Electric Power Generation Systems. Senior Analyst, PJM Interconnection, Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Chaitra Gopalappa; Graduated August 2010. Topic: Three Essays on Healthcare Modeling. CDC, Futures Institute, and presently Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at UMass, Amherst. 3rd place winner of the Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award 2011 given by the Institute of Industrial Engineers.   
  • Vishnuteja Nanduri; Graduated August 2009. Topic: Study of Power Market Games; Practice Leader, Data Analytics Engineering, IT Operations Analytics, IBM; formerly Assistant Professor of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Recipient of Outstanding Dissertation Award, USF 2009.
  • Cihan Babayigit; Graduated December 2007. Topic: Auction Design and Analysis for Deregulated electric Power Markets; CRM Business Development & Project Management Manager at Akbank, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Rajesh Ganesan, Graduated August 2005. Associate Professor of Systems Engineering at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.Topic: Multiresolution Monitoring and Learning Based Control Using Real Time Sensor Data. Recipient of Outstanding Dissertation Award, USF 2005.  
  • Jun Li, Graduate in December 2003. Dissertation topic: Learning Nash Equilibrium in Average Reward Stochastic Games. Senior Systems Analyst, Werner Bros.
  • Felipe Pachano-Azuaje, Graduated in December 2001. Professor of Systems Engineering at University of Los Andes, Venezuela. Topic: Sequential Universal Probability Ratio Tests for Gaussian Processes.
  • Eduardo Lerin, Graduated in August 2000. Engineer, Airbus, Spain. Dissertation topic: A Nonparametric Approach Multivariate Process Control using Wavelet Decomposition of Sensor Data.
  • Carlos Paternina Arboleda, Graduated December 1999, Former Professor and Chair of  Industrial Engineering, currently with the Faculty of School of Business at Universidad Del Norte, Columbia. Dissertation topic:  Dynamic Control of Production Flow Lines using Simulation Optimization.
  • Abhijit Gosavi, Graduated in May 1999, Associate Professor at University of Science & Technology, Missouri, Rolla. Dissertation topic: Reinforcement Learning Algorithms: Convergence Analysis and Numerical results.


Directed master’s thesis for the following students:

  • Vikas Jain, graduated 1994, Program Manager, Strategic Field Operations, Cisco Systems, California. (IIE Graduate Research award 1995, 1st place.)
  • Hemal Mehta, graduated 1995, Project Manager, Sabre Technologies, Dallas, TX.
  • Eduardo Lerin, graduated 1996. (IIE Graduate Research Award 1997, 1st place; USF Outstanding Thesis Award 1997)
  • Udaybhaskar Bidurukontam, graduated 1997, Business Development Manager, Jaybil Circuits, Phoenix, AZ. (IIE Graduate Research Award 1998, 3rd place; USF Outstanding Thesis Award 1998)
  • Krishna Mohan Kanchibhatta, graduated 1998, Software Engineer, Citibank. (IIE Graduate Research award 1999, 3rd place.)
  •  Naveen Bandla, graduated 1998, Project Engineer, Sabre Technologies, Dallas, TX. (USF Outstanding Thesis Award, 1999; IIE Graduate Research award 2000, 1st place). 
  • Vivek Venkataraman, graduated May 2000. Manufacturing Engineer at Solectron, CA.
  • Felipe Pachano-Azuaje, graduated December1999. (IIE Graduate Research Award 2001, 1st place; USF Outstanding Thesis Award, 2000) 
  • Kiran Kumar Ravulapati, graduated December 2000. Systems Engineer, Delta Technologies.
  •  Sivaram  Parameswaran, graduated December 2000. Supply Chain Consultant, KPMG, Ga. 
  • Jaideep Rao, graduated December 2001. Product Development Manager, Camstar Corporation.
  • Rajesh Ganesan, graduated December 2002. (Wavelet based process monitoring) (USF Outstanding Thesis Award, 2003; IIE Graduate Research Award 2001, 1st place 2004; USF Outstanding Dissertation award 2006)
  • Vikas Singh, graduated December 2002. (Airline Network Revenue Management)
  • Bhavani Prasad Rao, graduated May 2003. (Process Control)
  • Rajkumar Ragupathi, graduated May 2003. (Restructured Power Market Design)
  • Radhika Polla, graduated May 2003. (Dynamic Decision Making in Medical Diagnosis)
  • Saif Fakih (Bioinformatics) Graduated August 2004
  • Sankeet Gupte (Deregulated Power Market Design) Graduated August 2004
  • Alok Buch (Wavelet based real time process monitoring) Graduated August 2004
  • Santosh Kothamasu (Process Control) Graduated August 2004
  • Vishnuteja Nanduri (Auction Design for Electric Power Markets) Graduated May 2005
  • Bhaskar Mohan (Pricing and Seat Allocation in Airline Network Revenue Management) Graduated August 2005
  • Balaji Rajan (Auction Design for Electricity Transmission Markets) Graduated May 2005