EML3035: Programming Concepts for Mechanical Engineers

A one-credit hour course

Lectures & Assignments      Syllabus

One piece of advice from students of EML 3035 - Class of Spring 2004

Print out notes in MATLAB from each previous class to help study for the quiz and to keep in your notebook for competency tests.

Make sure you review integration, solving nonlinear equations, and Maclaurin series.

Make sure you understand the reason for each input.

Take notes on your computer for all work done in class, save it and print it for HW and quizzes.

Buy MATLAB to do HW and practice.

Have fun computer programming. It can be fun.  Be creative and try writing silly programs.

Study hard, it is not easy as it looks.

Do your HW early so as to get the best learning experience.

Pay very close attention in class and learn to keep your mind open when programming so you can visualize what to do and what the program is doing.

Purchase this program from day one.

Try to become familiar with MATLAB as soon as possible.

Do not miss a class.  Lack of a single symbol can mess it all up.

Study at least 3 hours per week.

Keep up with your work; otherwise you will be left in the dark

Use MATLAB in other classes

Do not wait till the last day of class to do the HW

When doing HW, if you get stuck, take a break and come back.

Take advantage of office hrs.  Waiting till last minute does not help.

Do your HW soon after class is over.

Find ways to use MATLAB in other classes to practice.

Make up your own problems and then solve them

Use class website