EML3035: Programming Concepts for Mechanical Engineers

A one-credit hour course

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What are the surveys about?

Throughout the nation, every six years, all departments of most engineering colleges come up for accreditation.   The accreditation agency for engineering is named ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology).  The accreditation process is long and laborious, but it certainly enhances the quality of your education.


For ABET  to see if we are fulfilling the accreditation requirements, each course needs to be surveyed via its students.  Survey questions include if you have learned the basic content of the course, what you like most and least about the course, and how the course can be improved.   Coupled with that of the alumni and the advisory board, the feedback from the class is used to revise the course for the next semester.   These revisions are monitored for implementation, and the surveys are done again.   So starts the continuous loop for improvement.


The changes in EML3035 is a product of these surveys.  Prominent changes include

  1. changes in programming language from VB to Maple to MATLAB,

  2. regular tests to check for competency in programming,

  3. regular quizzes to keep students learning consistently,

  4. in-class projects related to engineering,

  5. in-house low-cost and syllabus-relevant textbook starting Fall 2010


When can I take the surveys?

You will be given at least one week notice.


Where can I take the surveys?

Some surveys will be handed to you on paper which you take home and return a week later.

Other ones will be completed on the http://my.usf.edu website.

Click here.  When you click, you will get a login screen that needs a netid

  1. Click on Courses, 

  2. Click on Programming Concepts - EML 3035, 

  3. Click on Assignments, 

  4. Click on the survey.

When you take the survey, be sure to see

  1. if it shows a checkmark for the survey in your blackboard grade sheet, you have successfully taken  the survey.

  2. if it shows "-" sign, that means you have not taken the survey;

  3. if it shows a symbol of a pencil, that means it got locked.  Locking takes place if you lost your internet connection or did not finish the survey or kept it open for a long time.  In the case of it getting LOCKed, send me an e-mail immediately so that I can unlock it.

A survey will not show up in Assignments till it is available and will disappear when the due date is gone.


What if I am having problems taking a survey?

If you have any problems taking a survey, please contact me immediately at kaw@usf.edu.