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EML3041: Computational Methods: Spring 2016

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1: Introduction, Approximation and Errors


       Chapter 01.01      Introduction to Scientific Computing [MORE]

       Chapter 01.02     Measuring Errors [MORE]

       Chapter 01.03     Sources of Error [MORE]

       Chapter 01.04     Binary Representation of Numbers [MORE]

       Chapter 01.05     Floating Point Representation [MORE]

       Chapter 01.07     Taylor Series Revisited [MORE]



2: Differentiation


       Chapter 02.01     Primer on Differential Calculus (optional) [MORE]

       Chapter 02.02    Differentiation of Continuous Functions  [MORE]

       Chapter 02.03    Differentiation of Discrete Functions  [MORE]



3: Nonlinear Equations


       Chapter 03.01      Solving Quadratic Equations Exactly  [MORE]

       Chapter 03.03     Bisection Method  [MORE]

       Chapter 03.04     Newton-Raphson Method  [MORE]



4: Simultaneous Linear Equations


       Chapter 04.01     Introduction to Matrix Algebra [MORE]

       Chapter 04.06    Gaussian Elimination Method  [MORE]

       Chapter 04.07     LU Decomposition Method  [MORE]



5: Interpolation


      Chapter 05.02      Direct Method  [MORE]

      Chapter 05.05      Spline Method  [MORE]

      Chapter 05.06      The lurking dangers of extrapolation!  [MORE]

      Chapter 05.07      Why is higher order interpolation is a bad idea? [MORE]

      Chapter 05.08      Why do we need spline interpolation  [MORE]

      Chapter 05.10       How splines can help in developing a shorter path for a robot!  [MORE]



6: Regression          


      Chapter 06.01       Primer on statistical terminology (optional) [PDF]

      Chapter 06.02       Introduction to Regression [MORE]

      Chapter 06.03       Linear Regression  [MORE]

        Chapter 06.04       Nonlinear Regression  [MORE]

        Chapter 06.05       Adequacy of Regression Models [MORE]



7: Integration         


       Chapter 07.01       Primer on Integral Calculus (optional) [MORE]

      Chapter 07.02       Trapezoidal Rule  [MORE]
       Chapter 07.05       Gauss-Quadrature Rule
       Chapter 07.06       Discrete Data Integration
       Chapter 07.07       Improper Integration



8: Ordinary Differential Equations     


       Chapter 08.01       Primer on Ordinary Differential Equations (optional) [MORE]

       Chapter 08.02       Euler's Method  [MORE]

       Chapter 08.03       Runge-Kutta 2nd order method  [MORE]

       Chapter 08.05       On Solving Higher Order & Coupled Ordinary Differential Eqns [MORE

       Chapter 08.07       Finite Difference Method  [MORE]      

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