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EML3041: Computational Methods: Fall 2015

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In Summer 2009, I assigned the class to write a tweet for the EML3041 Computational Methods course.

Numerical Methods seems to be an expansion of Modeling & Analysis, allowing us to solve systems using more than just differential equations.

Numerical Methods are the transition link between collected data and equations that model the behavior of a specific system.

Numerical Methods allows approximations to be made without the true values and allows an analytical confidence to be applied to them.

Numerical Methods will help us apply math to problems we will encounter in the engineering industry.

Numerical Methods seems to be an interesting way of relating the theoretical math that we have learned to real life applications.

Numerical Methods is taking the knowledge learned through school and applying it to solve real life problems where situations are not ideal.

Numerical Methods, used by engineers, approximate the solutions to problems when an exact answer cannot be obtained. Engineers must select the appropriate method.

Numerical Methods will be very useful in developing accurate models of systems to produce effective solutions to problems I encounter.

Numerical Methods is used in the simplification and approximation of mathematical values.

Numerical Methods will help me learn how to solve and see if the answer is a good enough number to use.

Numerical Methods is using experimental data to find an approximate answer and then checking the accuracy of the approximation.

Numerical Methods is the branch that specifically studies and analyzes the complicated equations using basic arithmetic operations and other software.

Numerical Methods presents engineering students with a fresh approach to solving engineering problems.

Numerical Methods are the authentic collection of calculations used to extract inaccuracies and can be applied in almost any application imaginable.

Numerical Methods can be used to solve many mathematical procedures by finding an approximation of a continuous function.

Study your calculus. Study your DE. Be ready to work. This course makes engineering and mathematics easier. To succeed is to learn.

Numerical Methods is a class that will finally explain how I can apply the math that I have learned to real world problems solving using different methods and approaches.

Numerical Methods is a fairly interesting class. We are learning about different types of errors. I’m following the material thus far. Hopefully it stays that way.

Numerical methods is class at USF where students learn stuff about stuff and what is the best way to do stuff with stuff. Lots of numbers.

Numerical Methods to me is just a class that you are doing linear regression, integration, spline interpolation.

Numerical Methods will illustrate methods to determine the most accurate solution for many of the engineering problems I may encounter in college and my career.

Numerical Methods can be used to solve almost all engineering problems and I want to develop my skills at solving problems numerically.

Numerical Methods is the use of algorithms and mathematical models to study continuous mathematics. Since continuous mathematics are the way natural systems behave it is easy to see how numerical methods would be used extensively in the fields of engineering and physical sciences.

Numerical Methods will help me be more efficient. It will help me in my future jobs to reduce work-related cost and to verify findings.

Numerical Methods, while challenging, is critical in engineering due to the complexity of the physical world, often preventing the application of pure mathematics.

Numerical Methods are used for finding the root of an equation, integrating a function or solving a linear system of equations.

Numerical Methods are a mystery to me. I have been in class for 2 days at the point of the writing of this tweet but already I can tell that numerical methods can save lives.

Numerical Methods is a difficult way of simplifying complex mathematical procedures.

Numerical Methods will help us solve engineering problems using calculus. We will learn interpolation, and binary representation.

Numerical Methods uses mathematical models to solve problems and to evaluate the accuracy of results. I hope the tests are not impossible!

Numerical Methods is a class that I'm not completely sure what I'm getting into but from what I hear is its a lot of work but I hope I can balance it with four other classes.

Numerical Methods is like a fine woman. When things are good there is no better feeling. Though when things are bad; well you know what they say? Hell hath no fury like numerical methods scorn!

Numerical Methods is a course that wasn't cut to join the Super Friends, so it created the Legion of Doom under the name of “Lex Luthor”.

Numerical Methods is a class that I am currently taking during the summer of 2009.

Numerical Methods can be a useful tool in analyzing mathematical solutions. By using numerical methods, types and amounts of error can easily be determined.'

Numerical Methods is a field of study that lays focus on the accurate approximation of algorithms with complex solutions.

Numerical Methods are tools to solve engineering problems in a reasonable amount of time using mathematical procedures and experimental data approximating values.

Numerical Methods are used to approximate mathematical procedures. This is necessary when solving by exact methods results in error to a real life problem.

 Numerical Methods, implemented when exact answers cannot be obtained, use mathematical models to complete engineering problems one might face in the real world.

Numerical Methods... I want to do good in this class because I want to take the composite materials class. Everyone I tell I want to do this thinks I'm crazy because Prof. Kaw is "hard".

Numerical Methods is applying and manipulating math techniques in order to find a solution to a problem that does not have a specific formula or procedure to be solved.

Numerical Methods evolves the engineering curriculum from pure math and science to deductive, critical thinking.

Numerical Methods makes me want to ride my bicycle without a helmet because it is so full of awesome; I like it more than a rainy day.

Numerical Methods will help me 2 better analyze my choice of taking the blue pill or the red pill. Which 1 will have the least amount of error?

Numerical methods as I have understood so far is putting the mathematical skills learned this far into practice with real life problems and situations.

Numerical Methods gives sense to all the mathematics that I have learned and shows me a reason for learning them, once again proves the old saying that there is always a reason for everything in life, and math is not an exception.

Applying theses mathematical concepts to real situations gives a sense of satisfaction just by knowing that it was not a waste of time learning these subjects.

Numerical Methods is the study of errors in calculations, which is a discrepancy between the exact value and the calculated value.

Numerical Methods is the process of using different math processes, such as simultaneous linear equations, nonlinear equations and others in order develop a solution for a given problem.

Numerical Methods allow real-world situations to be predicted by plugging numbers into carefully chosen formulas.

Numerical Methods is 1 of the 2 summer classes I am taking. It is hard to write a “tweet” with Numerical Methods as the beginning 2 words.

Numerical Methods seem like an effective way to approach any kind of problem since you really have to understand the problem to solve it. I can’t wait to learn more!

Numerical Methods is a class based on the premise of someday not having an accurate method of determining the exact value of the needed.

Numerical Methods will hopefully be a great review and application of the calculus series, differential equations, and engineering statistics.

Computational method is a course of different ways to calculate answers by using approximate and imaginary numbers to get a better idea of what the real number is.

Numerical Methods are used to approximate values and find solutions in mathematical models of engineering problems.

Numerical Methods is a way to solve procedures, either known or unknown, with accuracy and efficiency to reduce possible errors where ultimate precision is needed.

Numerical Methods is more applicable to everyday life than any other mathematical procedure I have learned this far in engineering.

Numerical Methods. At this point of the semester this class has no meaning to me. It has tons of math which makes me happy. I will do well.

Numerical Methods can be used to interpret data from experiments and equations that can be combined to form a mathematical model of the engineering problem.

Numerical Methods is about how to approximate answers and to program powerful computers to solve difficult problems.

Numerical Methods is an exciting way to approach complex problems when the formulas are too difficult to derive or it is too expensive to run a test.

Numerical Methods should be an interesting class. I look forward to learning as much as I can and to hear more of Professor Kaw's jokes.

Numerical Methods are used to approximate answers to problems where an exact answer cannot be found.

Numerical Methods is going to be a very useful class, applicable to real world problems and situations engineers will encounter.

Numerical Methods are in everyday life. It is important for one to have a diverse range of possibilities when a problem arises.

Numerical Methods uses different processes in order to evaluate complicated mathematical equations to obtain an approximate answer.

Numerical Methods make you expert in math without using calculator, computer software or technical device and aware of error analysis.

Numerical Methods is going to be more practical to use to solve the engineering problems that we may encounter.

Numerical Methods are pretty sweet. I don’t know how to use them but if I did I bet they would be pretty useful.

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