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Undergraduate level:

* Manufacturing Processes
* Automation and Robotics
* Probability and Statistics for Engineers
* Facilities Design and Cost Analysis
* Senior Capstone Design

Graduate level:

* Introduction to Haptics and Virtual Environments
* Product Design and Prototyping
* Image Analytics

Virtual Manufacturing and Design Laboratory for Medical Devices (VirtualMD Lab):

This laboratory has been established by Dr. Lai-Yuen to enhance engineering education on design and manufacturing at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Teams of students work on projects for designing real world medical devices in collaboration with faculty from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the USF College of Medicine. The VirtualMD Lab is sponsored by the USF College of Engineering, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation, the Center for Applied Research in Medical Devices (CareMed), and the Florida Medical Manufacturers' Consortium (FMMC). The lab has state-of-the-art facilities that include: a variety of rapid prototyping machines, 3D laser scanner, CAD software, CNC lathes and milling machines, and robots. Additional information can be found under VirtualMD Lab.

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