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Nanosurface-Chemistry and Green Materials Chemistry Laboratory

Collaborations inside USF

Dr. David Morgan. Department of Pharmacology & Molecular Therapeutics and Alzheimer Research Laboratory (More info)

Dr. Mark Stewart and Thomas Pichler. Geology Department (More info)

Dr. Karla Davis-Salazar. Anthropology Department (More info)

Dr. Ryan Toomey, Dr. Michael Vanauker and Dr. Babu Joseph. Chemical Engineering (More info)

Collaborations outside USF

Dr. Tomas Viveros and Dr. Michel Piquart. Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City (More info)

Dr. Elena Centeno and Dr. Octavio Manero. Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) (More info)

Dr. Jacob Israelachvili and Dr. Jim Boles. University of California at Santa Barbara (More info)