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Review Process

All applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be given due consideration in the selection process for membership in the Academy. The existing members of the Academy will review and evaluate the merit and content of the application to determines election to the Academy. The selection process will give consideration to the diversity of the selected candidates. In the founding year of the Academy, two founding members who have been chosen by the Dean of the College of Engineering will make the selection. In the years following the establishment of the Academy, a committee consisting of all the current members of the Academy will make the selection. The selected candidates will be submitted for final approval by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and the Dean of the College of Engineering. The decision of the Dean’s office is final in the selection process. The approved candidates will be notified by the Dean’s office that they have been chosen for a 3-year membership to the Academy. Candidates will be given a deadline to accept the invitation to join the Academy.