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Kranthi publishes in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

Dr. Kranthi Kumar Elineni’s work on how microtubules regulate cell adhesion strength via cell shape was published in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering.

Microtubules Mechanically Regulate Cell Adhesion Strengthening Via Cell Shape

Welcome new students

The Gallant Lab welcomes 3 new Ph.D. students. Asma Sharfeddin joined us this summer from Libya. Sarah McMaster stays on after an undergraduate research project. Nicole Febles was awarded a FGLSAMP Bridge to Doctorate Fellowship and joins us from The City College of NY to work on a collaborative project with Dr. Bob Frisina’s Global Center for Hearing & Speech Research.

Congratulations Dr. Elineni!

Kranthi Kumar Elineni successfully defended his PhD dissertation “Regulation of Cell Adhesion Strength by Spatial Organization of Focal Adhesions”. We wish him well as he joins Intel Corporation in Portland, Oregon, to work on next generation nanopattering technologies.

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