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Urban air quality and sustainability

Air pollution is an important environmental exposure with significant adverse human health effects. We study the multi-scale interactions of air pollutants with the natural and built environments and the effects of these interactions on public health and on sustainability. Some foci have included improving estimates of spatial distributions of air quality, investigating effects on exposures of disadvantaged populations, and improving numerical modeling and prediction of air pollution under uncertainty using data assimilation.


Mercury contamination is an important global environmental problem that has led to very visible community health impacts. Although the detrimental effects of high mercury exposures have long been known, there remain many unknowns concerning the factors that lead to continued exposures. These include lack of adequate knowledge of its cycling in the environment and of the social (economical, political, and cultural) issues that affect its continued use, release, and consumption. In collaboration with colleagues Dr. Maya Trotz (CEE) and Dr. Fenda Akiwumi (Geography), we study the factors affecting mercury use, cycling, and exposures from a full system perspective.

Cloud ice chemistry and microphysics:

Cloud systems containing ice have significant impacts on acid precipitation, air pollution, and climate change. Although many cloud-chemical processes have received extensive study, interactions of chemicals with the ice-phase are poorly understood. Our work has investigated chemical partitioning during freezing and riming of supercooled drops.

Emergency releases:

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