2012 U.S. Professor of the Year




Professor, OCW advocate, socio-economic diversity champion, one-pony pedagogy assailant, UDL believer, replicating education-research studies supporter.





2015 NEWS


August 3, 2015

Conducted a workshop on a "Case Study of Flipped Class" for faculty from King Saud University at USF ATLE.


June 15, 2015

We presented a NSF Sponsored poster presentation at 2015 ASEE Conference and Exposition on How Do You Like Your Course - Semi-Flipped or Flipped?


April 12, 2015

Conducted a workshop on How to use the flipped class to teach effectively



Guest co-editing for ASEE AEE Journal Special Issue on Flipped Classrooms in STEM



Collaborating with LearNERDs on Bite Size Engineering Challenges



A journal paper has been printed on Comparing Different Formats of a Final Exam for a Numerical Methods Course in the International Journal of Engineering Education.