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Graduate Students & UNDERGRADUATES

Current Graduate Students and Undergraduates

J. Tai, M.S. Graduate Student

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2016

Thesis:  Effect of Voids on Transverse Shear Modulus of Advanced Unidirectional Composites


Jui-He Tai is currently pursuing his Master degree in Material Science and Engineering at University of South Florida. He obtained his B.S. in Earth Science from National Central University, Taoyuan city, Taiwan. Since he was certain about the transition to the field of materials upon graduation, he took some required materials-related undergraduate courses at National Tsing-Hua University, Hsinchu City, Taiwan before coming to USF. He has a passion for composite materials and is learning finite element method engineering simulation for his research.

S. Adapa, M.S. Graduate Student

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2016

Thesis: Evaluating Mouth Guards for Bruxism


Swamy Rakesh Adapa is currently working towards Master of Science in Mechanical University of South Florida (USF), Tampa, FL. He obtained his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India. During his bachelor's he worked on study of mechanical properties of natural fiber (Asian Palmyra) composites. Before coming to USF he worked as an instructor at Shri Vishnu Engineering College for Women, Bhimavaram, India. His areas of interest are Continuum Mechanics, Biomechanics, Computer Aided Engineering, Advanced Composites and Natural Fiber Composites

E. Delgado, B.S.

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2017


Eleonora Delgado is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.  She is the Teaching Assistant for Computational Methods at USF in Fall 2016.   Her areas of interest include vibrations and aerospace engineering.  She plans to join the graduate program at USF and work on the use of composite materials in aerospace and ground applications.

R. Jani,  M.S Graduate Student

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2017

Thesis: A Mechanical Energy Prototype for Electricity in Developing Countries


Rohan Jani is currently studying at University of South Florida doing his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He did his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University, India. After graduation he worked at Subhada Polymer Product Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai as design engineer for two years using CAD/CAM software like Pro-E and Mastercam. He also had a startup with 3D printer for small scale industries and was successful to make low-cost configurations that were as good as the one present in the market. His interest is in the fields of CAD/CAM engineering, and 3D printing  will help him in the design of the final product for his thesis.


L. Demo,  B.S.

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2017

Lisa Demo is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida, Tampa. She is expected to graduate in May 2017 and plans to continue her education to receive her Masterís degree in Mechanical Engineering. Lisa is involved with research to develop an adaptive learning experience for the  Computational methods course. Her interests include heat transfer and fluid systems.


Graduated Students

  1. V. Das, "Analysis of Interface Cracks in Composite Structures," May 1990 (MS). Employed by Intergraph, AL

  2. A. Selvarathinam, "Comparison of Interphase Models in a Fracture Problem in Fiber Reinforced Composites," August 1991 (MS). Continued for Ph.D. at Clemson University; Postdoctoral work at University of Tennessee; Knoxville; Research Engineer, University of Houston, Texas; Research Scientist at Exxon Research; Research Engineer at Lockheed.

  3. G. Sudhakar, "Mechanics of Multiple Cracks in Fiber Reinforced Brittle Matrix Composites," August 1992 (MS). Posthumously awarded Ph. D. from Clemson University.

  4. J. Dorula, "Effect of Debonding of Fiber-Matrix Interface on Transverse Stiffness of Composites," May 1993 (MS).

  5. V. Bechel, "Effect of Nonhomogeneous Interphases and Global Fiber Volume Fraction on Mechanical Behavior of Composites," August 1993 (MS). Received USF Graduate Fellowship; Received Sigma XI Master's Thesis Award; Continued Ph.D. at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with Palace-Knight Scholarship; Currently Materials Research Engineer at AFRL, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.

  6. D. Jadhav, "Analytical Modeling of a Fiber Crack in Fiber Reinforced Composites," December 1993 (MS).

  7. S. Chidambaranathan, "Fracture Mechanics of Brittle Matrix Composites with Transversely Isotropic Fibers," December 1993 (MS). Currently Lecturer in Chidambara University, India.

  8. J. Ye, "Comparison of Fracture Mechanics Models with Axisymmetric and Planar Assumptions," May 1994 (MS). Received USF Graduate Fellowship Received ME Graduate Studies Award Completed Ph.D. at USF under my guidance. Currently employed by Verizon, Tampa.

  9. S. Kunchithapatham, "Fracture Mechanics of Ceramic Matrix Composites with Imperfect Interfaces," May 1994 (MS).  Employed by Wipro.

  10. K. Gangakhedkar, "Effect of Fiber/ Matrix Cluster Breaks in Fracture Mechanics of Composites," December 1995 (MS). Received USF Graduate Fellowship Currently employed by Phoenix Industries, CA.

  11. P. Krishnan, "Finite Element Simulation of a Slice Compression Test," May 1997, (MS). Currently employed by SDRI, Ohio

  12. J. Ye, "Local Interaction Effects on Fracture Mechanics of Brittle Matrix Composites," December 1998, (PhD) Currently employed by Verizon, Tampa.

  13. M. Deepak, "A Computer-Aided Design Model for Fiber-Reinforced Pressure Vessels", May 1999(MS). Software Engineer

  14. M. Denninger, "A Computer Aided Design Tool for Bascule Bridge Trunnion Assembly", December 2000 (MS). Received USF Graduate Fellowship;  Executive MBA USF, Corporate Director, Rides & Engineering at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment,

  15. B. Ratnam, "Analysis of Trunnion Assembly Failures in Bascule Bridges", December 2000 (MS). Received USF Graduate Fellowship; Employed by Westport Innovations , .

  16. S. Nichani, "Experimental Investigation of Failure of Trunnion-Hub-Girder Assemblies in Bascule Bridges", August 2001 (MS) Received USF Graduate Fellowship; Employed by Schlumberger.

  17. N. Collier, "Benefits of Staged Cooling of Composite Cylinders", May 2004 (MS). Received Outstanding Masters' Thesis Award 2004; Post-Doc in KAUST.

  18. M. Berlin, Innovative Procedure to Install a Trunnion-Hub Assembly Into a Bascule Bridge Girder, December 2004, MS (co-advisor); Employed by Boeing. 

  19. J. Paul, "Sensitivity Analysis of Trunnion-Hub Girder Assembly Procedure", Received USF Graduate Fellowship; May 2005 (MS).  Employed by Johnson & Johnson.

  20. T. Wasik, "Effect of Fiber Volume Fraction on Fracture Mechanics of Composite Materials", May 2005 (MS).

  21. P. Chalasani, "Nanoindentation of Layered Materials", May 2006 (MS).  Employed by Wells Fargo.

  22. C. Nguyen, "A Design of Experiments Study of Procedure for Assembling Bascule Bridge Fulcrum", May 2006 (MS).  Finished PhD at UCF.  Employed by Honeywell, Arizona.

  23. J. Daly, "On Nanoindentation Tests of Thin Films", May 2007 (MS).  Employed by Pall Aerospace.

  24. S. Garapati, "Nanoindentation Tests: Synergizing Experimental, Analytical and Numerical Results", May 2009 (MS).  Pursuing PhD at USF.

  25. L. Snyder, "Sensitivity Analysis of Alternative Assembly Procedure in Fulcrums of Bascule Bridges", MSME May 2010. Employed by Lockheed Martin, Arkansas.

  26. D. Miller, "Design and Analysis of an Innovative Semi-Flexible Hybrid Personal-Body-Armor System", MSME May 2011, Employed by Hatch Corporation and US Navy Reserves.

  27. S. Carballo, "Thermo-Mechanical Beam Element for Analyzing Stresses in Functionally Graded Materials", PhD August 2011, Employed by Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica (UNEXPO), Venezuela.

  28. M. Rajapakse, "Physically Meaningful Harmonization of Tire/Pavement Friction Measurement Devices:, PhD (co-advisor), December 2011.  Employed by Smithers Rapra, Ohio.

  29. J. Zitko, "Effects of Cross-sectioned Distributions, Fiber Misalignment and Interphases in Three-Dimensional Composite Models on Transverse Shear Modulus", MSME, August 2012, Employed by Jormac, FL. 

  30. S. Garapati, "Analysis of Heating and Cooling Methods for Assembly of Steel Fulcra in Bascule Bridges", Ph.D., August 2013, Employed by Optimum Engineering, IL (Short Bio)