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Keynote Speech on Pragmatic Strategies to Improve Learning

Inside and Outside of Classroom at ISFT 2016


January 18, 2016. Dr. Autar Kaw traveled to New Delhi, India to give a conference keynote speech on using no-cost pragmatic strategies to improve learning inside and outside of the classrooms of higher education STEM courses.  The conference was organized by ISFT (International Symposium on Fusion of Science & Technology) and was held at the Pusa Institute, New Delhi in January 2016. 




With advances in learning sciences and the widespread access to technology of delivery, we are living in exciting times to apply the science of learning to education. Professor Kaw talked about evidence-based pragmatic learning strategies including learning tactics such as distributed practice and interleaved exercises, active learning tools such as personal response systems and targeted class discussions, unconventional assessment techniques such as development of Instagram videos and writing of poems, and the lifelong role of  metacognition.  He also discussed pedagogical debates on discovery vs. fully guided instruction approaches, traditional vs. flipped and blended classrooms, and the inclusivity promise of universal design learning.

The travel to the conference was sponsored by USF Research and Innovation Office through their 2015-16 Faculty International Travel Grant (FITG) program.


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