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Two separate instructional software resources are available. 


PROMAL: This software was first written in 1990 in QuickBasic and since then has gone through several content additions and rewritten for new Windows platforms.  The latest version revised in 2013 is available for Windows XP and above.  Only readers who have bought a personal copy of the textbook (books bought by a library are excluded for obvious reasons) and meet certain criteria  are authorized to download or use PROMAL.  For more details, click here.


MATLAB FUNCTIONS FOR COMPOSITES: The software is a library of MATLAB functions that can be used by students to write MATLAB programs for lamina and laminate analysis.  Each function is accompanied by a MATLAB test file to show usage.  A usage document is also given to clearly delineate the purpose of the function, inputs and outputs.

This software was written as a community class project by students of  Fall 2012 and Fall 2013 in the Composites elective at USF, and put in the final format by Daniel Boston, Trey Moore, and Autar Kaw

Chapter 2- Macromechanical Analysis of a Lamina

Transformation Matrices T and T-Inverse    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]


Q and S Matrices for Unidirectional Lamina    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Qbar and Sbar Matrices for Angle Lamina    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 


Local to Global Stresses    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 

Global to Local Stresses     [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Local to Global Strains    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 

Global to Local Strains    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 


Principal Stresses    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 

Principal Strains    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 

Illustrating Transformation of Stresses    [MATLAB]


Elastic Moduli of Angle Lamina    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 


Maximum Stress Failure Theory    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 

Maximum Strain Failure Theory    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 

Tsai-Hill Failure Theory    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 

Tsai-Wu Failure Theory    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE] 


Thermal Expansion Coefficients for an Angle Lamina [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Moisture Expansion Coefficients for an Angle Lamina     [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]


Chapter 3- Micromechanical Analysis of a Lamina

Density of a Composite    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Fiber Volume to Weight Fraction    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Weight Fraction to Volume Fraction    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]


Elastic Moduli of a Composite - Mechanics of Materials Approach    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Elastic Moduli of a Composite - Halpin Approach    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Elastic Moduli of a Composite - Elasticity Approach    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]


Coefficients of Thermal Expansion for Angle Lamina    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Coefficients of Moisture Expansion for Angel Lamina    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Chapter 4- Macromechanical Analysis of a Laminate

ABD Stiffness Matrices    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Compliance Matrices Normalized Also [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Mid-plane Strains   [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Fictitious Thermal Loads   [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]


Stiffness Lamina Matrices for Laminate   [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Laminate Moduli    [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]


Global Strains from Mid-plane Strains   [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Local Strains from Global Strains   [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Global Stresses from Global Strains   [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

Local Stresses from Global Stresses   [MATLAB] [TEST] [USAGE]

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